Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Where's Your Head At

Life is interesting and crazy and weird sometimes. One minute your high as a kite, the next stuff isn't quite going your way and that soaring feeling is just plain gone. I know that's not super deep or insightful, but it's how I feel :) The low feelings will pass, I'm sure. In fact having a few bike commuters smile and wave on my ride to Brendan's work just now lifted my spirits quite a bit, so there's that. It just sucks to feel like you made a huge mistake that can't be fixed in a relatively short amount of time. For now I'm reveling in the low feelings, processing some things and trying to learn from the situation that got me here. And looking for more smiley bike commuters.
And here is a picture from a questionable ride I did yesterday that was really pretty but maybe not the best idea... 

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