Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sponsor Intro #3: Crank Brothers!!

SOOOO, for my third sponsor highlight I want to talk about ANOTHER RAD LOCAL BIKE COMPANY!!!! We do have a lot of those here (and can you tell I'm in a better mood by all the caps?!?), so I feel pretty lucky to live here in Orange County home to Crank Brothers!
This story goes back way to when I started mountain biking in college though. Back in the dark ages, when I only owned an aluminium road bike and was dating Brendan, he scraped together all the spare parts he had and built me up a Giant NRS. It was the CRAPPIEST bike, but I didn't know that yet, haha, I though it was RAD! That bike had a set of Crank Brothers Eggbeaters on it, because that's what Brendan used, and what he had an extra pair of. Well, fast forward about 7 years, and a crazy amount of bike riding later, and I am still 'clipped into Crank Brothers'. So yeah, basically I liked these pedals so much I stuck with them year after year, and they delivered kick butt performance for me through the most intense season of my life, last year!

Let's talk about pedals.
So the Eggbeater is my go to race pedal because it's crazy light, super easy to clip into and has never let me down. I love the amount of float my foot gets as I navigate around my bike when riding technical stuff, while still feeling securely clipped into the pedal.
BUT I'm also in love with the Candy pedals that have graced my trail bikes over the years. These guys have a platform around the clipping mechanism, so when I'm flying down Los Pinos trail all out of control like, skiing down a shoot of loose scree, I can throw a foot out, and then be back on the pedal in control without having to be all the way clipped in. Pretty rad to have the lightweight feel of a race pedal with a platform big enough for those out of control times.

And Crank Brothers makes more than just pedals! They make rad cockpit components (which Brendan is dying to put on my bikes), seatposts, dropper posts, wheels, tools, pumps and cute clothes and water bottles. There is a storefront in Laguna Beach if you're in the area and wand to check them out!

Oh and did I mention they are the BEST MUD pedals ever. I was thinking back to the first Kenda Cup race last year, Vail lake. It rained ALL DAY, no one wanted to even start the race. Well those Eggbeaters worked like magic, and I had no problems clipping in over and over while I slid around the course for an hour and a half :) Good time. I'm stoked to do it again, even if it does mean an unreasonable amount of bike cleaning afterwards!

Thanks Crank Brothers for being a great sponsor over the years, for giving me the opportunity to meet so many crazy cool athletes (I forgot to mention that like EVERY world class mountain biker rides Crank Brothers). 

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