Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sponsor Highlight: A Quick Shout out to Giro!

There are so many incredible people invested in our Ridebiker team, and I am dying to talk about all of them THIS instant, BUT one at a time... and they will last for a good number of Thursdays, right?! I fell off the wagon on this sponsor highlight thing last week because I couldn't manage blogging and team camp at the same time... I'm so much less productive now that I don't teach! But back at it this week.

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet. Giro has stepped in to supply our whole fun, fast, crazy team with head protection in the form of their SYNTHE MIPS helmets. I've been rocking mine since I got it at camp, and it's pretty dang sweet. Light, allows lots of cooling airflow (got to test this out big time as it was crazy hot at team camp) and has this brilliant netting close to the outside so bees can't get in every vent! AND our whole team looks so cool wearing them!
I personally love their women's gloves as well (I won some at the Annadel XC last year, how lucky is that?!), and the fact that Giro has a huge line of women's specific helmets. AND I'm not gonna lie, if I quit my XC racing ambitions and become a hipster I'm pretty much going to deck myself out in all Giro gear because it is ALL SO CUTE!
So a HUGE thanks to Giro for keeping our brains safe and helping us look rad at the same time!

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