Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sponsor highlight: Mobot Foam Roller Water Bottle

Ok, so I've been getting a lot of weird looks and also surprised reactions to this one over the past three weeks, so I figured it would be a good idea to just tell everyone that my water bottle is so big because it's a foam roller, and my foam roller has a weird growth because it's a water bottle!!! It's pretty much the coolest two fer one out there, a rad stainless steel 40 oz water bottle that is ALSO a foam roller. SO when I travel I am constantly sipping water (way more than I used to) and I am always being reminded to foam roll! It's called a Mobot, and they are fortunately one of our Twenty16 sponsors this year! I'm being completely honest when I say I foam rolled 3 times in the past 8 years, but 3 times a week since I got the bottle three weeks ago... it's never too late to start developing new habits, right?! Check 'em out over at they have three sizes, and all different colors, and the lady behind the genius idea is hilarious.

If you don't foam roll, like me before this water bottle, it basically gives you the same benefits as a sports massage, but you can do it at home, for free, no appt, as many times a day as you want! How's that for a good deal? When I started rolling it hurt, a lot, but the more I roll, the better my muscles feel doing it. I've been pretty vocal on social media about all the rolling, so I'll keep the world updated on the difference it makes in my season, but it's already a huge part of my self care routine that makes me feel good after long or hard rides, and when I'm feeling sore.
Getting the IT bands, this one still hurts quite a bit!
It goes everywhere with me, which means I'm drinking water even when I'm drinking coffee!

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  1. Hey Larissa, can i get that code from you to purchase one of these? Im a racer from Canada and to ship one of these mobots is going to cost me over $100 canadian.