Monday, February 8, 2016

Roadie Camp Take 2

Back in San Diego county this weekend for more team Twenty16 camp, this time with an epic amount of sunshine! The whole team is here, the new kits and bikes are gleaming in the sun and the SRAM drivetrains are dialed for a season of ripping it up on the road. Camp has been incredibly busy so far, but the quick highlights include:

A school visit in which Kristen Armstrong basically motivated the crap out of me while addressing the middle school kids. It's funny how inspiring a few words from an Olympic gold medalist can be!

A CRAZY fast Swami's ride which sealed the deal for me, I CANNOT WAIT for the first road race of the year!

Spending time with some of my favorite industry people like SteveB and the Felties! Love that I get to hang out with these guys on a regular basis living here in SoCal. Also hearing about some sweet new to me products like Mobot water bottle foam rollers and K-edge TT Garmin mounts. We got some serious education on Saturday and there is more of that on tap for today!

Spending tons of time with an incredible group of women who absolutely shred on road bikes, eating ridiculously good food thanks to Jess Cerra, and soaking up a ton of beachside and North country riding!\\

Also, photos, lots and lots of photos.

I'll write a full recap soon, but now it's time to ride more bikes and learn all the things!!!

My team is fast and fun! I feel so lucky to have this opportunity!

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