Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Here We Go!

Yesterday I drove up to Marin from Silverado, after doing my workout of course, on the first leg of the first bike racing trip of the year! It's exciting, but also nerve wracking for me because this will be my first stage race with team Twenty16, and I want to prove myself worthy of this badass group of roadie women! Tonight we have a meet and greet in Marin where you can come meet my whole team (!), so I got to stay with the Mooney's at their cutest house ever house. I have quite a few pre-first ever stage race thoughts, but not much time to blog at the moment. So first a few photos from my ride this morning, in which I couldn't contain myself because it was so pretty, got turned around because a road was closed, and surprisingly didn't get lost despite being so distracted by crazy pretty trees, oceans, hills, and bay area views.
The trail head had a crazy adorable rock/wood structure. I loved the moss/ferns growing from the roof!
I pretty much took 500 pictures like this because TREES and WATERFALLS and CREEKS and a LAKE!!!! SO PRETTY!!!! Everything is super lush and cool and wet right now because they've been getting a lot of rain up here. It was nice breathing in the smell of damp soil and redwood trees, I think that's my favorite perfume.
CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS VIEW!?!?!?! I could have stayed there ALL day. (Top of Mt Tam)
More Mt Tam summit photos. 
From the fire road I ended up on as a result of my original ride plan falling through (because of that closed road). Hard to be bummed about your ride getting screwed up when you still get to look at this on the second choice route!

So basically coach said ride 2 hours, and I was gifted with 2 hours of stunning beauty. 
Dear Marin County, 
Thank you for making me squeal with delight at your sweeping bay area vistas, for your thousands of redwood trees packed into every hill side, and your ferny creeks flowing with runoff from sparkling reservoirs. I very much appreciated every second of your beauty today, you're killing it, keep up the good work! 
Larissa (aka Larry, Larzy and Lars)

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