Sunday, February 21, 2016

A GREEN EGG!!! Life Lately

Brendan is taking a 20 min nap... pre-Home Depot run, so you know it's A) the weekend, and B) oh wait... I don't have a B. Anyway, the exciting times continue over here with the first green egg in about a year (GOOOO Shenainai!), chocolate chip pancakes/riding with the Laguna Canyon Riders, a pirate party and a fence remodel project (in no particular order). Just trying to really enjoy every second of the February sun, training like a banshee, and chilling out as much as possible before the whirlwind of racing starts!
A photo essay of life lately:
Yep, a green egg :)
We have been eating chard, kale, lettuce and snap peas from the garden every chance we can get because it's a race against the clock now as longer/warmer days mean leafy greens will stop tasting good soon. The lettuce and cauliflower all bolted when I was away at training camp, so now they are past the point of consumption, and this year the beets epically failed, but I'm happy with the number of salads our yard has provided us!
Contrast :)
It looks like spring everywhere you look in Silverado. I know it's still only Feb... but I kinda love it!

This cute boy was a pain in the butt last week, BUT he is super cute every time I hit the yoga mat to stretch/roll/yoga. 

Rode with the coolest kids ever on Saturday morning. These guys taught me a lot, had a blast and covered 15 miles of trails in Laguna. I was blown away by their skills both climbing the crazy steep fire roads, and descending rocky, fun singletrack!

And this is the new love of my life. She's light, flows like a dream, has the sexiest Crank Brothers cockpit ever, and I'm SO excited to race her next month! Plus this tree... Carl always takes pictures with this tree and I never knew where it was until yesterday! It's pretty cool, and the ocean is in the background on the right, so there's that :)

Kinda a bunch of random stuff, but that's our life right now. Too much to do, and not enough time, like always, but that's how I like it :) Now it's time to hit Home Depot!

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