Monday, January 25, 2016

Off to a Good Start

My 30th year of life could not be off to a better start. It's been so busy/fun/eventful and I feel so blessed to have so many incredible people in my life. Seriously so grateful for everything that our sweet neighbors and friends did to make this weekend a blast, the type of weekend I need a full day to recover from.

Highlights of the Birthday weekend include:

My new robot friend Neato.
Spending the whole day Friday (my actual birthday) cleaning/the whole evening at Felt working on deck stuff with Brendan (I was genuinely excited to spend the actual birthday evening working on the deck since we have so little time to do so normally, haha). Also so glad I sucked it up and cleaned like a boss all morning instead of going to Laguna to drink coffee like I really wanted to do because so many people came over Saturday and the HOUSE WAS CLEAN!!! Oh also, did I mention I got a robot vacuum from Brendan... :)

Brendan and I cut gussets for the deck. It was VERY time consuming, but feels so good to make any progress!
Waking up at 5:30am on Sat to squeeze in a 2.5 hour ride with Carl on a loop that was a little ambitious for that length of time. We had incredible sunrise views of Blackstar canyon, an amazing techy descent, and a fun/fast road pedal home to try and make our time cutoff... didn't quite make it but it all worked out.

Driving to Big Bear/trying to park/trying to rent skis with everyone else in SoCal. Then skiing nonstop for 4 hours! It was pretty fun doing something other than pedaling, and doing it with best friends? Not much can top that! Although the traffic and lines were pretty frustrating, being with Taryn, Allie and Brendan was so fun/funny it didn't matter, they are pretty freaking fun those friends of mine :) Also the moon rose so full and bright and pretty while we were on the slopes... it was magical!
Taryn flew in from Utah, and Allie drove up from San Diego! I have the best friends, AND they are SO good at snowboarding!
Also this boy, he's a pretty great hubby.
Getting epically surprised by 20 of the best friends and neighbors when we got home on Saturday night (after battling traffic for 3 hours, and getting locked out of the Prius. It was basically the busiest, most fun day complete with bikes and snow and great people and the best cake I've ever eaten :) Not much could top that for a Larissa, although I know I am getting up there because the jam packed day of excitement took two days to recover from :)
Not only was it beautiful, but it was also SO so good. The frosting was what all my dreams are made of!
Lastly, the most awesome (and painful, did I mention I crashed skiing like 25 times? and drank 2 beers on Sat night!!!) mountain bike ride in Laguna on Sunday. Carl and I tied the craziest knot of a map hitting so many old and new favorite trails. I cannot ever get enough mountain bikes, esp in the winter in Laguna with Carl!
Sunday's ride had PERFECT weather, but PAINFUL headaches!
This was a birthday I won't forget for a long long time. If it is any indication of how great this year of life will be I'm in for an exciting ride. Let's just hope as I get older I can keep up with life, because oh man was Sunday painful, and today too for that matter!

I didn't get any pictures during the party, but I'm just going to leave these decorations up for a bit :) The house looks so much more fun with streamers and balloons!

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