Monday, January 18, 2016

Life Lately

I can sit down each morning and write out a to-do list as long as the back side of an envelope from Chase bank trying to get me to sign up for a credit card (those buggers are persistent!) pretty much every day. And every day about half the items on my list get crossed out. Ha. I like being busy, so that's good, but man is it hard to rest on a rest day when the floors need to be swept and mopped, wood stained for the deck, hot tub cleaned, dog walked... Anyway, last week was the end of a pretty hard block of training, so this week is about taking it easy, working on not getting sick (I woke up feeling awful this morning!) and maybe subbing if there are any jobs available.

Life has been pretty good lately, and oddly normal, whatever that means. Here's a quick update on the pre-season life of this not so newly pro mountain biker.

We lost another chicken (I say another, but when I think about it the last one died like 6 months ago). This time it was poor Maude, a 6 year old Buff Orpington who we've had since the college days in Davis. Maude was one of our original 4. She moved to SoCal with Brendan in the front seat of a U-Haul van, she raised 2 chicks for us (because she thought they were hers despite the fact that they looked NOTHING like her) and she was absolutely beautiful up until the day before she died. I checked on her on Thursday and she looked great, on Friday she had passed away. I cried for about an hour.

We are back at the deck remodel, which is taking WAY more time than I anticipated, like every project! This weekend we poured the foundations for the posts and purchased lumber. Whoever built the house just placed the 4by4s that hold up the roof on cinderblocks... we would like to make the deck a little more legit... so we were mixing cement in the dark Saturday night. And our backs and arms hated us on Sunday :) This week we will stain/cut/install new vertical posts and a new header. Then we can start framing out the deck and cutting the Trex that bought 3 years ago for the surface you walk on.

Brendan and I also squeezed in a little mountain bike ride on Sunday, because I wanted to show B a new trail I love. Turns out we have different ideas of what a fun trail looks like. It was still a great time though, and we got to play on our matching Decrees, which made me happy.

Laguna love ride FTW!
Other random happenings: I'm working on a bike specific newsletter thing/trying to be super pro about keeping sponsors updated, so that's new. I got to ride with a road club in Long Beach on Saturday, thanks Lightening Velo for letting me play with you! And this Friday I turn 30! Only 3 more days of my 20's!!! 

Now I'm off to stain wood, walk the crazy dog, do some core/yoga... ALL THE THINGS!

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