Thursday, January 14, 2016


Turns out Joshua trees are pokey!
I loved every minute of the past three weeks. It wasn't all sunshine and butterflies; there were hours of trainer time, riding in freezing rain, repeatedly getting humbled by my roadie ignorance, and some painfully long drives, but none of the crappy times can really out do the fun, beauty, learning, seeing old friends, making new friendships and amazing coffee/food of the three weeks of travel and training from Christmas until this past Monday.
Recap of recent travel:
-Joshua Tree with college friends for OUTDOOR rock climbing (a first for me) + mountain biking in Palm Springs
-Bodega Bay to visit Brendan's parents, ride bikes all day every day, hang out with sister and more college friend time
-San Diego for unofficial team Twenty16 training camp

Love the desert and the friends and the sunsets!
And I love riding on roads in Sonoma County with these views :)
BUT, as much fun as I had running around all over the state of CA, coming home has been just about as sweet as it always feels after three weeks of different beds and living out of the Prius.

Reasons I love coming home/Silverado canyon

1) Returning to structured workouts, while incredibly painful, is oddly satisfying. On Tuesday I had to do a pretty brutal set of intervals (given the fatigue in my legs), but rolling out my front door and accomplishing them on familiar roads was pretty awesome. I was even surprised by how pretty the canyons are right now because of the El Nino rain that happened when I was in SD. On Wednesday more intervals were on tap, but this time I got to do them on the prettiest fire road, and descending a crazy fun trail rounded out the ride, what more could a girl ask for?! It's weird, but I don't think I can ever ride in Orange County enough to get sick of it :)

2) Harvesting lunch from my yard... swoon. Every day this week I've grabbed a few eggs from the coop, spinach, lettuce, kale, and herbs from the garden and despite the lack of food in the fridge (Brendan obvi isn't big on stocking up at home, haha) I have a pretty legit meal! Also my own kitchen, I miss baking and cooking when I'm traveling so there was some scone baking yesterday and making nice dinners at home is pretty sweet IMHO.

3) Davey and Brendan! I missed my boys and there's not much better than the devotion of a Belgian Shepard who missed his mama for the past three weeks :) That guy may be a pain in the butt sometimes, but he is so sweet and adorable!

4) Mountain biking! Again, riding trails in new places is great and all, but Wednesday's rubber on dirt sesh and today's fun romp in Laguna brought me more joy than I can explain. The grass is fluffy and green, the ocean views are sweeping and the trails here are just so darn good.

So there you have it, I guess I really really love living in Orange County :) Pretty lucky we ended up here!
These are my mountains. I will never grow tired of them, or their sweeping views of Orange County! And yes, that's ocean out there :)

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