Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Going to SD to Ride in the Rain

So last week was an epic 6 days of solo riding in Sonoma County followed by 2 days off the bike, and this week is about more epic bike rides, meeting new team mates and having a blast in San Diego. I've mentioned before that this spring I'm going to try my hand at road racing again, and this week my team is having an unofficial training camp to ride bikes, get to know each other and drink as much coffee as possible (jk, that last one is just me!)

Highlights of the week so far:

Arriving Tuesday morning to rain which forced us to hit the trainers in the garage.
Poor Holly had to listen to my super loud trainer for 1.5 hours!
Post trainer soaked in sweat, then showered yoga in which we got more soaked in sweat... good decisions all day :) Also post yoga Prius maintenance in the parking lot of said yoga place to tone down our white girl-ness for the day. Holly and I successfully re-filled my oil tank using a coffee cup as the funnel. It was gloriously ghetto and amazing at the same time. 

Taco Tuesday! 69 cent tacos which were actually really really good. We also may have polished off a $5 container of the best guac of my life. True story. The tacos were super authentic as well, as in my stomach might have had a hard time processing them if ya know what I mean...

Wary of the 'authenticness' of the tacos.
They were also the smallest tacos I've ever bought, but 2 was more like 4 since the gave us 2 tortillas per taco. 
And one excellent ride today which started in glorious sunshine and ended with thunder and lightening. We did get in 95 miles of rad San Diego roads, some great laughs, 2 flats, about 2.5 hours of riding in pouring rain, and my first Harmony Bar experience (ZOMG!). Oh and since it was sunny and warm to start some of us didn't wear leg warmers... including calf model Adam...
SO STOKED to get to race with these rad ladies!

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