Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sponsor Intro #2 FELT BICYCLES!!!

One of the most exciting things about this year (besides the final season of Downton Abby) is that I get to race on the most incredible machines made by the most passionate people based right here in Orange County!

That's right, I get to race for Felt Bicycles.

Even cooler, I get to race Felt bikes on both the road and the mountain, so I'm 100% part of the Felt family!
Felt lunch ride on Monday = wicked good road bike times!
This past Monday my road teamie Alison and I got to tour Felt HQ, ask lots of questions and stick our heads in guillotines (for testing forks of course). We learned a ton about the carbon used on the bikes we will race this year, about the struggle between making things light but also stiff, how Felt achieves both better than any other bike company, AND we got to meet some of the office dogs! There is some pretty rad stuff coming from Felt in the near future, in terms of high end frames, as well as the mid range stuff. Felt is one of the only bicycle designers to put an emphasis on making their mid price range bikes super light, sometimes lighter than the high end bikes from the competitors.

It's always fun listening to the enginerds talk about the process of designing the fastest bikes in the world, how they obsess over the most minute details and how the company has a huge emphasis on innovation, which has resulted in many Ironman World championship winning time trials bikes. I know from personal experience, being married to a Felt engineer, that they work tirelessly to produce the best frames imaginable, which often means Brendan doesn't come home till late at night because he gets super wrapped up in projects and doesn't want to stop working. Sometimes I get upset because I want to hang out with him, but how can you be mad at a boy who loves engineering bikes so much?!

So the bikes I'll be racing include the Nine 29er hardtail, and Edict for mountain, and the F1 for road. All three bikes have the same super sweet Textreme finish, that super chunky checkerboard carbon weave that makes the frames stiff but light. The Nine is probably the lightest mass production 29er hardtail on the market, and the Edict uses the same FAST suspension system as the Decree I've been raving about and is tuned to be super efficient when pedaling.
A sneak Peak of my favorite new race machine!
Hopefully I'll be building up the Edict and Nine this weekend, so look for LOTS of sweet pictures of sick Felt mountain bikes coming soon!

Thanks Felt for providing the best possible equipment for me to shred this year. Training like a banshee is one thing, but knowing you're on the best machine as well... that's golden :)

Now it's time to go play mountain bikes!

Oh, also HUGE thanks to Nicola Cranmer for basically doing ALL the heavy lifting to make this happen. Nicola and RideBiker continue to make my dreams come true, from racing for Felt, to having the opportunity to race on an incredible road team, I am surrounded by an awesome group of people whose passion for the sport of cycling and creating a sustainable support network for athletes of all levels is unparalleled. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Off to a Good Start

My 30th year of life could not be off to a better start. It's been so busy/fun/eventful and I feel so blessed to have so many incredible people in my life. Seriously so grateful for everything that our sweet neighbors and friends did to make this weekend a blast, the type of weekend I need a full day to recover from.

Highlights of the Birthday weekend include:

My new robot friend Neato.
Spending the whole day Friday (my actual birthday) cleaning/the whole evening at Felt working on deck stuff with Brendan (I was genuinely excited to spend the actual birthday evening working on the deck since we have so little time to do so normally, haha). Also so glad I sucked it up and cleaned like a boss all morning instead of going to Laguna to drink coffee like I really wanted to do because so many people came over Saturday and the HOUSE WAS CLEAN!!! Oh also, did I mention I got a robot vacuum from Brendan... :)

Brendan and I cut gussets for the deck. It was VERY time consuming, but feels so good to make any progress!
Waking up at 5:30am on Sat to squeeze in a 2.5 hour ride with Carl on a loop that was a little ambitious for that length of time. We had incredible sunrise views of Blackstar canyon, an amazing techy descent, and a fun/fast road pedal home to try and make our time cutoff... didn't quite make it but it all worked out.

Driving to Big Bear/trying to park/trying to rent skis with everyone else in SoCal. Then skiing nonstop for 4 hours! It was pretty fun doing something other than pedaling, and doing it with best friends? Not much can top that! Although the traffic and lines were pretty frustrating, being with Taryn, Allie and Brendan was so fun/funny it didn't matter, they are pretty freaking fun those friends of mine :) Also the moon rose so full and bright and pretty while we were on the slopes... it was magical!
Taryn flew in from Utah, and Allie drove up from San Diego! I have the best friends, AND they are SO good at snowboarding!
Also this boy, he's a pretty great hubby.
Getting epically surprised by 20 of the best friends and neighbors when we got home on Saturday night (after battling traffic for 3 hours, and getting locked out of the Prius. It was basically the busiest, most fun day complete with bikes and snow and great people and the best cake I've ever eaten :) Not much could top that for a Larissa, although I know I am getting up there because the jam packed day of excitement took two days to recover from :)
Not only was it beautiful, but it was also SO so good. The frosting was what all my dreams are made of!
Lastly, the most awesome (and painful, did I mention I crashed skiing like 25 times? and drank 2 beers on Sat night!!!) mountain bike ride in Laguna on Sunday. Carl and I tied the craziest knot of a map hitting so many old and new favorite trails. I cannot ever get enough mountain bikes, esp in the winter in Laguna with Carl!
Sunday's ride had PERFECT weather, but PAINFUL headaches!
This was a birthday I won't forget for a long long time. If it is any indication of how great this year of life will be I'm in for an exciting ride. Let's just hope as I get older I can keep up with life, because oh man was Sunday painful, and today too for that matter!

I didn't get any pictures during the party, but I'm just going to leave these decorations up for a bit :) The house looks so much more fun with streamers and balloons!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sponsor Intro #1 Core Power Yoga

One of my (late to the game) New Year's resolutions is to do a better job at discussing who my sponsors are, and why they are meaningful to me on the old blog. I obvi. am very grateful to all the people who support me in this crazy career, but I also want to share the love so others can learn about what all those logos on my jersey really mean.

So, because it's on my mind, and a new sponsor this year, I'm going to start with a little post on Core Power Yoga!

I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother has heard that yoga is great for cyclists. Let's be honest though, I went to my first class mainly because I saw on the internet that Emily Batty does yoga, and Emily Batty is crazy fast so I thought... hmmm, I will do that too!

So in Sept of 2014 Brendan and I went to a yoga class at Core Power in Tustin. It was a little hippy dippy, I have to admit, but holy cow was I blown away by how good (and sweaty) I felt when we walked out the door at the end of the hour long class. Also, again to be completely honest, I may have enjoyed the 'hands on adjustments' a little too much :) So I went back, and then I went back again.

My desire to continue was spurred by a few things;
1) I liked those mini massage/hands on adjustments, A LOT.
2) There's something about slowing down and focusing on your breath and where your body is in space that really felt meaningful to me.
3) Getting totally sweaty while stretching it out is my jam. The heat of the room makes you more limber than normal and I could feel all those hours of leaning over a bike being balanced out.

So yoga has been a pretty big part of my off season since that first class, and I get it in a few times a week during the season when I have time as well. I honestly believe that adding yoga to my training is one of the handful of things I did that made me fast last year (I cringed writing that because I'm incredibly paranoid about jinxing my future race results... but there I said it, I was kinda fast last year).

The Tustin studio is my go to studio :)
Core Power is a great studio because coach lets me replace a core workout with a yoga class (they are pretty heavy on the core part of the strength stuff at CPY... as you can probably tell from the name) and because they are ALL OVER so I can drop in for a class when I'm on the road and feel at home for that hour. Every class I've been to has been awesome, they offer a range of classes of different difficulty levels and heats, and I can still get as much out of the intro level class (C1) as any other because it's great for just stretching my tired body out on a rest day after a hard workout. I could go on and on about how great CPY is... but I'm just going to keep it short and sweet and say that if you live near a studio it's worth checking out! And the best part is that your first week is FREE, so if you've never been there GO GET YOUR FREE YOGA ON!

So Thanks Core Power Yoga, for supporting me in my quest to get really really ridiculously fast and win bike races and stuff!

Yoga, as good for you as a healthy breakfast... that's all :)
Home made granola and blackberries over greek yogurt :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Life Lately

I can sit down each morning and write out a to-do list as long as the back side of an envelope from Chase bank trying to get me to sign up for a credit card (those buggers are persistent!) pretty much every day. And every day about half the items on my list get crossed out. Ha. I like being busy, so that's good, but man is it hard to rest on a rest day when the floors need to be swept and mopped, wood stained for the deck, hot tub cleaned, dog walked... Anyway, last week was the end of a pretty hard block of training, so this week is about taking it easy, working on not getting sick (I woke up feeling awful this morning!) and maybe subbing if there are any jobs available.

Life has been pretty good lately, and oddly normal, whatever that means. Here's a quick update on the pre-season life of this not so newly pro mountain biker.

We lost another chicken (I say another, but when I think about it the last one died like 6 months ago). This time it was poor Maude, a 6 year old Buff Orpington who we've had since the college days in Davis. Maude was one of our original 4. She moved to SoCal with Brendan in the front seat of a U-Haul van, she raised 2 chicks for us (because she thought they were hers despite the fact that they looked NOTHING like her) and she was absolutely beautiful up until the day before she died. I checked on her on Thursday and she looked great, on Friday she had passed away. I cried for about an hour.

We are back at the deck remodel, which is taking WAY more time than I anticipated, like every project! This weekend we poured the foundations for the posts and purchased lumber. Whoever built the house just placed the 4by4s that hold up the roof on cinderblocks... we would like to make the deck a little more legit... so we were mixing cement in the dark Saturday night. And our backs and arms hated us on Sunday :) This week we will stain/cut/install new vertical posts and a new header. Then we can start framing out the deck and cutting the Trex that bought 3 years ago for the surface you walk on.

Brendan and I also squeezed in a little mountain bike ride on Sunday, because I wanted to show B a new trail I love. Turns out we have different ideas of what a fun trail looks like. It was still a great time though, and we got to play on our matching Decrees, which made me happy.

Laguna love ride FTW!
Other random happenings: I'm working on a bike specific newsletter thing/trying to be super pro about keeping sponsors updated, so that's new. I got to ride with a road club in Long Beach on Saturday, thanks Lightening Velo for letting me play with you! And this Friday I turn 30! Only 3 more days of my 20's!!! 

Now I'm off to stain wood, walk the crazy dog, do some core/yoga... ALL THE THINGS!

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Turns out Joshua trees are pokey!
I loved every minute of the past three weeks. It wasn't all sunshine and butterflies; there were hours of trainer time, riding in freezing rain, repeatedly getting humbled by my roadie ignorance, and some painfully long drives, but none of the crappy times can really out do the fun, beauty, learning, seeing old friends, making new friendships and amazing coffee/food of the three weeks of travel and training from Christmas until this past Monday.
Recap of recent travel:
-Joshua Tree with college friends for OUTDOOR rock climbing (a first for me) + mountain biking in Palm Springs
-Bodega Bay to visit Brendan's parents, ride bikes all day every day, hang out with sister and more college friend time
-San Diego for unofficial team Twenty16 training camp

Love the desert and the friends and the sunsets!
And I love riding on roads in Sonoma County with these views :)
BUT, as much fun as I had running around all over the state of CA, coming home has been just about as sweet as it always feels after three weeks of different beds and living out of the Prius.

Reasons I love coming home/Silverado canyon

1) Returning to structured workouts, while incredibly painful, is oddly satisfying. On Tuesday I had to do a pretty brutal set of intervals (given the fatigue in my legs), but rolling out my front door and accomplishing them on familiar roads was pretty awesome. I was even surprised by how pretty the canyons are right now because of the El Nino rain that happened when I was in SD. On Wednesday more intervals were on tap, but this time I got to do them on the prettiest fire road, and descending a crazy fun trail rounded out the ride, what more could a girl ask for?! It's weird, but I don't think I can ever ride in Orange County enough to get sick of it :)

2) Harvesting lunch from my yard... swoon. Every day this week I've grabbed a few eggs from the coop, spinach, lettuce, kale, and herbs from the garden and despite the lack of food in the fridge (Brendan obvi isn't big on stocking up at home, haha) I have a pretty legit meal! Also my own kitchen, I miss baking and cooking when I'm traveling so there was some scone baking yesterday and making nice dinners at home is pretty sweet IMHO.

3) Davey and Brendan! I missed my boys and there's not much better than the devotion of a Belgian Shepard who missed his mama for the past three weeks :) That guy may be a pain in the butt sometimes, but he is so sweet and adorable!

4) Mountain biking! Again, riding trails in new places is great and all, but Wednesday's rubber on dirt sesh and today's fun romp in Laguna brought me more joy than I can explain. The grass is fluffy and green, the ocean views are sweeping and the trails here are just so darn good.

So there you have it, I guess I really really love living in Orange County :) Pretty lucky we ended up here!
These are my mountains. I will never grow tired of them, or their sweeping views of Orange County! And yes, that's ocean out there :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Road Bike Stoke!

On a more Larissa appropriate STOKED note than yesterday's post, a recap of Friday and Sunday's rides at unofficial team camp! Because let's be honest, the stress and insecurities I experienced all week couldn't possibly overshadow how amazing the rides we did were, and how much I just FREAKING LOVE RIDING BIKES!!!
Amazing riding selfie photo skills cred: Jess Cerra (She's an amazing chef, super strong cyclist, AND an incredible selfie artist!)
Friday we rode 104 miles, starting in Rancho Santa Fe at an amazing bakery. Have I mentioned that roadies like their pastries way more than mountain bikers? I feel like a boob for making so many comparisons between the pro roadies and pro mountain bikers I know this week, maybe that's an entire blog post in itself, but there is not a gluten-fearful woman on the team... just saying :) We headed out towards Julian and rode what's called the Henshaw loop, which appropriately goes by lake Henshaw! In the first 40 miles I got 3 flats, one in my rear tire from who knows what (thanks Adam for changing the tube in the car while we were riding!) and two in the front tire from glass and whatnot on the road. It was a beautiful day, sunny and bright, but the roads were still a bit wet from the El Nino downpours all week, which usually means stuff gets lodged in tires and stays there rather than falling off. I don't remember many details of the first half of the ride because I was busy getting flats and trying to call out all the road hazards, and watching what everyone was doing to learn from them. Then we arrived at a general store close to Julian and ate the most amazing cookies of my life. They had white chocolate chips and the bottoms were perfectly crunchy while the rest of the cookie was soft... heaven :) From the bakery we rode through the high desert to an amazing climb, down a sketchy descent, and then back to Rancho Santa Fe through Escondido. Other highlights of the ride included the most amazing egg, sweet potato pocket things Jess made for us (did I mention I have awesome team mates?!) and NO RAIN! 
I know I used this pic already... good team mates stick their tongues out for pictures :)
Saturday I had to miss the team suffer fest at Swamis (equally thankful and jealous about that little fact).

And Sunday we did another amazing ride out to the tiny community of Rainbow. This time Jess brought us incredible cookies for the ride, and I got NO flats. Other highlights from this ride include a few super fun climbs, in which AJ attacked the crap out of us 80% of the way up, which means I was chasing... It is SO fun riding with super fast chicks who can kick your butt and/or make you suffer like a dog just to contribute to the paceline. On one flat stretch we had a wicked fun little team time trial practice which reminded me of the good old UCD cycling team days. And there were quite a few crazy fast descents, one of which I was able to keep up on, the others I was really pushing the boundaries of where I feel comfortable on a road bike. I learned a crap load about descending alone this past week, especially how capable that road bike is, and that you can really lean it over pretty far cornering. Most importantly, I learned that I LOVE descending super fast roads following my team mates. My mental mantra on each descent was that I trust the girls in front of me to make safe choices, so if they are going fast, I can too, and if things get sketchy, they'll brake, therefore I don't need to stress about when to slow down.
Also not my picture, but this was taken right before AJ ripped my legs off and threw them over a cliff. Literally. 

The only sad thing about the past week is that I didn't take many pictures (too busy listening, watching and keeping my hands on the bars) and that they went by SO fast. So camp is over, and I'm back at home in Orange County training solo, very much looking forward to Media camp and racing bikes with Team Twenty16!!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Team Camp is A Wrap

Six days, 5 awesome routes through north east San Diego county, 353 miles, 4 flats, about a thousand things learned and overall an incredible experience this week at team Twenty 16 unofficial training camp. 

BUT I'm not going to sugar coat it, this week was tough. The physical part wasn't too bad, in part because I got a psuedo day off on Sat helping out with a clinic while the team was suffering it out on the Swami's group ride. The hard part was the mental/emotional aspect of throwing myself into something new and I'll be honest, a bit over my head.       Racing road bikes on a pro team used to be my end all be all of cycling dreams. In college I would have given my left leg for this opportunity. But after we moved south and I started racing mountain bikes, that dream faded quite a bit. I had pretty much resigned myself to not ever racing on the road again when this opportunity arose, and I jumped at it because that old flame was fanned a bit. I think I underestimated how much work it would be to get back into the road racing swing of things though, and this week was an eye opener as to how much work I need to do. 
All that being said, and despite feeling a bit overwhelmed at times, and worrying that I wasn't good enough to race with these super fast, super professional ladies, I am more motivated than ever coming out of this week to learn as much as I can and to be as much of an asset to the team as possible. I want to embrace this opportunity to grow as a cyclist, and to try to tackle something new and hard. I keep thinking about what my sister told me last year, if it's scary, it's probably worth it :) So, in the words of Taylor Swift 'So it's going to be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames, you can tell me when it's over, if the high was worth the pain' haha

Tomorrow I'll post a recap of the rides from Friday and Sunday at camp, but now it's time to go put some rubber on dirt for the first time in a week... I'm dying with excitement! NOBEL CANYON HERE I COME!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lots to Learn

That title pretty much sums up today's ride at unofficial camp: I have A LOT to learn. I may have been a little naive thinking that I could just jump back into road racing after a 5ish year absence, that doing two road races each year for the past two years was enough to stay in the loop. I ride road bikes a lot, right? I commuted by road bike every day for the past 5 years, I love road bikes... But nope, I'm pretty much completely out of my element.

Things I've learned at unofficial camp so far:

1) Not everyone is a mountain biker, so you gotta point out road hazards like gravel, not just ride through them like a spaz.

2) After you point that crap out you need to get your hands back on the bars so you don't ride like a spaz through the gravel or pothole.

3) You shouldn't use a tire lever to put a road tire back on the rim after replacing a tube... you're going to pinch flat the new tube (I've fixed road bike flats before I SWEAR, but of course when I need to do it before our ride and everyone is waiting I F it up).

4) You need to make sure the bike keeps moving forward when you get out of the saddle, not back. NEVER thought about this before, makes total sense!

5) You should definitely not be riding around with a cadence less than 90 all the time... I knew it, but that doesn't mean I always practice it!

6) Riding in the cold and rain is more taxing on your body so you can't run around and goof off after 2 days of riding in the rain! (You also need to be a total germaphobe and not get sick).

Yeah, it was an 'I feel like I'm doing everything wrong kind of day' where I was pretty uncomfortable feeling like I didn't belong.
But it's still ok to have some fun!
The good news is that I feel like I'm on the brink of learning a ton, of building a new skillset and really growing as a cyclist. The other good news is that the girls on the team are SUPER nice, SO accomplished and experienced, and seem pretty willing to teach me the ways. That and as much experience racing as possible, that's what I need!

In the mean time I'll be over here watching EVERYTHING everyone does, absorbing as much as possible, listening to all the advice and doing my best to make all the changes! Oh, and not running around like a spaz, adding garbage miles for the sake of a longer ride :)

And I will learn as much as I can, work as hard as I can and be a good person. And have fun!

Tomorrow is a new day and I'm going to do my best!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Going to SD to Ride in the Rain

So last week was an epic 6 days of solo riding in Sonoma County followed by 2 days off the bike, and this week is about more epic bike rides, meeting new team mates and having a blast in San Diego. I've mentioned before that this spring I'm going to try my hand at road racing again, and this week my team is having an unofficial training camp to ride bikes, get to know each other and drink as much coffee as possible (jk, that last one is just me!)

Highlights of the week so far:

Arriving Tuesday morning to rain which forced us to hit the trainers in the garage.
Poor Holly had to listen to my super loud trainer for 1.5 hours!
Post trainer soaked in sweat, then showered yoga in which we got more soaked in sweat... good decisions all day :) Also post yoga Prius maintenance in the parking lot of said yoga place to tone down our white girl-ness for the day. Holly and I successfully re-filled my oil tank using a coffee cup as the funnel. It was gloriously ghetto and amazing at the same time. 

Taco Tuesday! 69 cent tacos which were actually really really good. We also may have polished off a $5 container of the best guac of my life. True story. The tacos were super authentic as well, as in my stomach might have had a hard time processing them if ya know what I mean...

Wary of the 'authenticness' of the tacos.
They were also the smallest tacos I've ever bought, but 2 was more like 4 since the gave us 2 tortillas per taco. 
And one excellent ride today which started in glorious sunshine and ended with thunder and lightening. We did get in 95 miles of rad San Diego roads, some great laughs, 2 flats, about 2.5 hours of riding in pouring rain, and my first Harmony Bar experience (ZOMG!). Oh and since it was sunny and warm to start some of us didn't wear leg warmers... including calf model Adam...
SO STOKED to get to race with these rad ladies!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Wrapping Up An Epic Week of Riding

So I admit I over did it riding this week... but I think riding bikes in Sonoma County is good for my soul. We are lucky enough to get to visit Bodega Bay a few times every year, to visit Brendan's parents, my sister and friends for the holidays, and it feels like a treat to ride on Sonoma County's unspoiled rural roads. The problem is that there are more miles of amazing roads here than I have time to ride, which means it's hard to not go overboard riding :) We have been in the area for 6 glorious days, and I crammed in as much road biking as possible over that time, as well as one amazing mountain bike ride, and a hill climb time trial. Now I have two rest days in a row on the calendar (and thankfully 2 days of nonstop rain in the forecast), and my heart is full of beautiful scenery, good food, painful climbs and thrilling descents.
Here is a rundown of the rides I got to do which happen to be on the top of my list of rides I would recommend to anyone visiting the area.

Day 1 Santa Rosa to Bodega Bay via Healdsburg and Sweetwater Rd:
My 'commute' from Cara's house to the Connors residence consisted of 60-ish miles of beautiful wine country roads complete with a stop in the charming town of Healdsburg for coffee and a scone at Flying Goat. Highlights from this ride included an incredible forestry climb, passing through the eclectic town of Occidental, and the quaint/Christmasy Duncan's Mills towering Redwood trees, and views of the delta where the Russian river meets the Ocean.

Day 2 King Ridge Loop + Tin Barn and Kruse Ranch Rd:
This one is my all time favorite road ride. The whole big loop ended up being about 93 miles (I rode extra at the end to make it to 100 miles... gluttony!) and 9,000ft ascent. Highlights included an hour of intervals to start the day, grand views of Sonoma County from King Ridge, the glorious dirt climb up Kruse Ranch road, and the most stunning descent down Meyers Grade rd with sweeping views of the ocean below.
I love rolling hills covered with oak trees.
Day 3 Bodega Bay to Santa Rosa:
This one wasn't the most outstanding route, and honestly if I hadn't needed to do intervals I might have skipped riding because it was raining and cold. I was supposed to ride into Santa Rosa, do my intervals on the way and then mountain bike with Brendan and Adem, but pulled the plug on the mtb part and went to the barn with my sister instead to play horses.
Jenner is one of my fave towns, right on the water and always so peaceful. 

Day 4 Up Hwy 1 to Salt Point and Beyond
On Wednesday I wanted to ride on the coast all day. Brendan went mushrooming in Salt Point with his dad, so I rode from Bodega up Hwy 1 and timed it so I would arrive at Salt Point when they were done mushrooming. I think Hwy 1 is so incredibly pretty and it was the most beautiful clear day.

Another view of Jenner, this time heading South on Hwy 1
I can't handle my love for the Sonoma Coast.
Day 5 San Bruno Hill Climb and Annadel Mountain bike Ride
On New Year's day we drove down to San Bruno for the annual New Year's hill climb, not the most notable ride (although views from the top are pretty amazing), but we followed that up with an awesome mountain bike ride in Annadel. This is one of the few places one can legally mountain bike in Sonoma County, and it's a pretty outstanding place to ride. The trails range from flowy and smooth to super chunky and technical, and the scenery is crazy pretty.
Decree family photo
Day 6 French Pastries + Chileno Valley
This ride was the last in a series of pretty big mileage days, but since rain was on the docket for Sunday and Monday I threw myself at a really long ride to make the most of the trip. I started by heading up Coleman Valley road because this is a great climb I missed during the week, ate amazing pastries with friends in Graton, and then headed out to the farm lands to ride some roads I have never ridden before. I think Chileno Valley road became my favorite new road because it takes you through some incredibly pretty farm lands set in a deep, lush valley that glows green (especially with the pink Oakley Prism lenses in my sunglasses). I also got to see a ton of super cute lambs wagging their tails while nursing, fluffy huggable baby cows, and some fat pigs hanging out at a farm. 

Roads like these make me so so happy. 
So that's what I've been up to for the past week, soaking up as much of the beauty in Sonoma County as possible before the rain comes. If you ever need suggestions on where to ride in Sonoma County you know who to ask :)