Monday, December 28, 2015

What a Wonderful way to start the Week!

This is the winter break I've been dreaming of.

I've been out of school for a week now, but spent the first few days off at home, riding, cleaning and waiting for Brendan to get off work. Next we hit up Joshua Tree with friends for something different and had a great time hiking, bouldering, climbing and eating rum ham (thanks Danny) on Christmas day.

Pastries! Can you tell we are excited?!
While outdoor rock climbing among the dorkiest trees known to man was fun last week, I have been longing to go on fun, scenic sister rides that include Flying Goat coffee and pastries, ocean views and towering Redwood trees. I also haven't seen my In Laws since this last summer in Wisconsin, and have been looking forward to a week long stay with them, which always includes mushroom hunting, amazing food, wine and lots of learning new things :)

We tore that scone to pieces... :)

So after the horrifically long and congested, traumatizing drive up I-5 yesterday, today could not have been more perfect.

Sister and I braved the 45 degree temps and rode bikes to Healdsburg. We stopped at 'the goat' where we fought over the good bits of our scone, looked at insta pictures, talked about boys and physically harassed each other.

Then I rode on towards Bodega Bay via Sweetwater Rd while Cara wimped out and got a ride home (HA!). The roads in Sonoma County were as incredibly pretty as I remembered them, but this time with the bright green hillsides refreshed by recent rain and natural filter of winter light cast by a perpetually low sun. The roads were framed by giant oak trees dripping with seafoam green moss, massive redwood trees so dense that only slivers of vibrant green shine through them, and sweeping views of the angry teal green ocean throwing spray every time it collided with the sharp and craggy rocks of the Sonoma Coast.
No picture I take can capture the beauty of Sonoma County. 
Every rise, dip, and curve of the road revealed another of my favorite views, from pastoral hillsides dotted with black baby cows to quaint little coastal towns all decorated for Christmas. The hillsides are so densely packed with evergreens that it felt like a fairy tale, and the light made the ferns and grasses glow. I never wanted to end the ride,  the bright winter sun and warming temperatures tempted me to ride until sunset. Somehow I found an ounce of self control and rolled into the driveway at 3pm.
No stop signs or lights for miles and miles :)
Last year I may have overdone the winter break riding a bit, but my goal this year is to be a bit smarter about using moderation, while still enjoying my favorite rides. Now we are off to eating amazing food, and celebrating Christmas a few days late :)

So stoked to be in Bodega Bay!
The town of Bodega Bay sitting properly on the water. 


  1. Oh how much you traveled with your girlfriend! I admire you and your perseverance.

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