Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Today Didn't Suck

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

7:00am Wake up, kit up, down a huge mug of coffee and a bowl of cereal.

7:28am Decide to ride Cannondale Scalpel because route has a lot of fire road, and it might be muddy. Don't want to get the brand new Decree dirty.... yet :)

7:33am Roll out the driveway and up Silverado Canyon road towards Maple Springs. Yes, I know it's closed, I can't be a good kid ALL the time and I feel like, as a resident, I should be allowed to cross the gate every now and then :)

8:48am Reach '4 corners', pee in nature, put my bibs on (haha forgot this when I rolled out the door), eat an espresso flavored GU. Continue on towards Santiago Peak.

9:05am Decide to take the fire road all the way to the peak rather than the singletrack short cut. Rewarded for the decision with a close encounter with a bobcat at the peak.

9:45am Reach Indian Truck Trail, descend a bit until I find ride buddy. U-turn and continue pedaling towards Yeager. Remember how fun Scalpel is to descend!

10:25am Reach Pinos peak and turn right onto Bell Ridge. Slide down wet leaves and sweet steep goodness with full seatpost height. Crash twice because slowing down is much harder when it's super wet :)

10:49am Kick Maxwell's bell on Yeager Mesa, and continue to slide and smile down Yeager. Stoke level 12/10!

11:25am Ride buddy gets a flat. Stop to throw a tube in because TWO sidewall tears! Specialized tires... enough said :)

11:45-12:45pm Climb Holy Jim trail with "Oh Holy Night' stuck in my head. Replace night with Jim and make up carol about Holy Jim trail. Ride buddy pulls lots of ninja skills riding magic, and impressed but shouldn't be surprised.

12:45pm Fill bottle with questionable "spring" water, say goodbye to ride buddy and head back up to Santiago peak. This time I do take the singletrack short cut though, so don't quite go to the peak a second time.

1:20pm Turn onto Joplin trail, proceed to get soaking wet from the bushes, have an absolute blast floating through gorgeous trail, clean the whole chunky creek bed section, stoke level breaking stoke-o-meter.

1:40pm pass Mercedes SUV on Fireroad between Joplin and Luge with 2 flats, no driver, just sitting there on the trail...

2:00 Turn onto pavement from the bottom of the Luge, Stoke through the roof, stomach empty. Refill bottle with clean water at Cooks, eat a waffle.

3:00pm (ish) Arrive home, devour huge plate of home made nachos, wash bikes, start list of chores for the day.

Statistics: 57.5 miles, 11,875 ft ascent, 4,200 calories burned, 2 GUs + 1 waffle + 1 package Chomps consumed, 6 hours 53 minutes of moving time, 2 favorite trails descended, 2 favorite climbs ascended, average stoke 10/10!

The anatomy of a good day.
This is what a VERY happy Larissa looks like. 

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