Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving Break and Stuff

Holy cow life is crazy right now. I'm super grateful for this long term sub job, but having a hard time understanding how I worked full time and trained last year because this week has been kinda rough! Life has been good lately though, full but good.

Here's a quick rundown of what we have been up to lately.

The Sat before Thanksgiving Brendan and I ran down to Nobel canyon with some cool kids to do a little photo shoot/ride bikes on arguably the best trails in SoCal. I got the opportunity to ride the new trail bike Brendan worked on for the past two years (more on that in January :), and felt like a little kid hitting the wall rides, floating over rocks and accidentally getting air-born a few times. The weather was perfect, and it was crazy fun watching the shredders in front of me take rad lines and shred the loam (haha, there was no loam but I guess when you compare real dirt to Yucaipa anything feels like loam).

So many sweet trail bikes... swoon :)
Saturday night we went to the NICA fundraiser in Temecula and stayed up past our bedtime making art for a good cause. The concept behind the fundraiser was really creative which meant Brendan and I were challenged to tap into our artistic sides!

Hadn't seen my sweet Nana in 2 years!
The majority of the remainder of the week long Thanksgiving break was spent in VA and SC visiting family. It was great seeing all the relatives, eating delicious southern food, like boiled peanuts, and not riding bikes for a few days. I even did a bit of running, including attempting to compete in the Virginia Beach Turkey Trot 10k (which I failed at due to a torn/pulled quad muscle). It's incredible how much I feel like I fit in with the Fitchett's, being around your own kind is a pretty special thing.

I have pretty awesome aunts and uncles :)
Pre 10k Turkey Trot with Uncle Bubba and a Marian
I flew home on Friday and immediately jumped on my bike to spin out the 6 hours of plane time. Then I proceeded to spend the whole day Saturday on my mountain bike hitting the Lung Loop with Carl (the magic action photographer).

How does Carl take such good pictures with his phone!?!?!
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Sunday = more mountain bikes + playing with a crazy fun new toy (more on that soon) and then lots of deck work involving a jack hammer :) We don't mess around over here, but let's be honest, both Brendan and I are sore from that little demo situation. More on the deck soon, but now it's time to eat some dinner snacks and go to bed! 

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