Sunday, December 20, 2015

One Last Epic Saturday

Still working on the race plan/schedule update post (I'm such a spaz and so busy lately that I want to sit down and put some thought into it) but for now, a very quick recap of yesterday's last fun long day in the Santa Anas with Carl, until next year.

My bae. 
We went out with one final 50 mile collection of amazing back country trails (although in SoCal the 'back country' is really between two super densely populated urban areas, but we take what we can get :). I can't reall discuss the whole route because there may have been some naughty trail choices, hence the Strava ride title "I'm getting coal for Christmas" but legal stuff we rode was wicked fun, steep silly trail, that had me beaming all morning. It included another run down Yeager Mesa, which was AGAIN the best ten minutes of my life, and East Horsethief,  which was crazy rutty and hard and ridiculous as always.

Our ride took us up and over the "range" twice, included 3.5 long climbs, one peanutbutter and banana sandwich and about 15 minutes of me thinking I wanted Carl to call a helicopter because I had lost my desire to live. Apparently I'm still learning how to eat often enough on longer rides because a beet, ginger, banana flavored packet of stuff helped turn my attitude around. That and the revelation that I felt so dang good last weekend because I didn't do intervals all week, where this week had muscle tensions on Tuesday and Thursday. Somehow just acknowledging that my body was more tired for a specific reason helped loads mentally. Also, can we just talk for a minute about how freaking awesome a peanut butter and banana sando is on an 8 hour ride?! Seriously, so simple but SO dang good.
Some pictures from the day.
Our lunch spot was at a firemen's memorial on hwy 74. Not a bad place to eat a sando and reflect on/thank the firemen who gave their lives fighting fires all over CA. 
Mini Stonehenge. I did some rock climbing to get this shot of m favorite bike in the middle. If you know where this is you are pretty cool but also naughty... :)

See that trail ALL THE WAY DOWN THERE!? We are going there, and then we have to climb back out over that mountain in the distance. Yeah, at this point I wanted to kill Carl. Good thing the descent that followed was amazing!
This is my 'I'm SO FREAKING GLAD we are done climbing' face. Also This is the point when I wanted a burrito so bad I almost hitch hiked. Also also, it's fun to see my friends from a new perspective. My friends being all the different peaks and valleys of Cleveland National Forest.

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  1. Why so much killing of me, when all I try to do is keep up? ;)
    Next time "into the canyon and out to the beach"