Saturday, December 12, 2015

As a Wise Man Once Said, 'Shoot Man... WOW!'

The past week has been pretty eye opening amazing. I am incredibly humbled by the love you all have shown me and inspired by your support! It's one thing to put my head down and work hard, train hard, go to bed early... but to have so many friends and family members step up to help make the next piece of the puzzle possible has been such an incredible experience. Thank you for all your encouraging and nice words, and for helping raise the money for the international travel. At this point I feel like making it to the first three (most important for Olympic reasons) Worlds Cups is very possible, and will be making a plan for the season with coach/the team director soon. I will share this info and keep the blog updated as soon as I know more about the game plan. In the mean time, know that I have been freaking out all week with gratitude, and that I plan to train my brains out to make you all proud :)

Also, a few pictures from Wednesday's ride in Laguna. We got to do a fun little ride with Crank Brothers and about 150 rad mountain bikers. The evening ended with a pretty fantastic sunset and fog rolling in over the ocean. Life is good.
Looking out over Crystal Cove from El Morro Park. 

Orange County is a FANTASTIC place to live if you love mountain bikes!

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