Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Quick Update (and I'll never be done saying thank you)

The last school week of this sub job is plugging away, and I am looking very forward to full time training and all that again very soon. Some exciting things are in the works for team RideBiker and I can't wait to sit down and introduce my new and returning set of sponsors for 2016. For now let me just say that a tramp stamp on my kit is happening... :)

We are excited, can you tell?
The race calendar is filling in nicely as well, and I will have a nice update on how coach and I are going to approach the 2016 season too. A lot of people are asking me when my next race is, and I want to put the general plan together before sharing it.

It's been a bit rough blogging while teaching and training because I go right from one activity to the next all day and land heavily in bed at 9 exhausted every night, but man do I love where life is going. And honestly I thrive on this go go go schedule, so I'm enjoying every moment of each day to the fullest.

If you are looking for some entertainment this afternoon head over to and listen to a most likely embarrassing little podcast we taped a few days ago :)

The kids are taking a unit test right now, but class is over in 10 min... So I'm off to do some intervals, my favorite kind of work :)
A new bike sponsor?!?! I'm so excited I can't keep my wheels on the ground!

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