Friday, November 20, 2015


I can actually say that because I have been teaching ALL WEEK (except Monday :). this sub job is long term- think through Christmas break, so I'm back in the world of responsible adults contributing to society and stuff. Thankfully the school is closed for the full Thanksgiving break though, so I'll have a bit of time with family next week!

Coming back to full time work has been kinda nice because the structure is something I did miss a bit when I wasn't teaching every day. Also, I like that exhausted feeling at the end of the day when you wake up with the sun, commute, work, commute and then do a workout on the bike. Being super tired... why do I love it so?

I'm off to go ride bikes now, but I have to say that with the shape of things in the world, I have been super grateful for pretty much everything in my life right now. Have you seen that photo essay of refugee children and where they sleep? I was looking at those pictures and crying my eyes out last night. Made me really conscious of the fact I have nothing to complain about. So so sad.

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