Monday, November 16, 2015

Oh Hello There Monday!

It's been a while! I can't really say this is because I've been crazy busy, but when I think back on the 7 days since I last blogged they have been quite full. The past week was spent getting as much work done on the house as possible, riding my brains out, and cooking some ferocious meals. And the weekend was not entirely spent on bikes... so that was weird as well. Here's a quick house project/random stuff post for this nice lazy Monday morning.

The next house demo project we decided to tackle is the front deck, which was so badly termite damaged when we bought the house in 2010 that parts of it were unsafe to walk on. We bought just enough Trex (on clearance at Home Depot!) about 3 years ago to replace the deck, but they have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the laundry room and race season to end to be put to use. Like a baffoon I took no before pictures of the old deck, but here is what it looks like post old deck removal, which I did 90% of alone while Brendan was at work (Call me a constrution woman :)!
Looking down at where the deck used to be from the East side of the yard (Davey's side).
Looking at where the deck used to be from the West side of the yard (Chicken's side).
The demolition of the deck wasn't too terribly difficult, save trying to not be attacked by about 145,000 spiders. While I am anxious to start rebuilding, Brendan wants to replace the pump and filter (the big beige orb up in the above picture) that belong to the Koi pond with something smaller and maybe cycle the old fish water to the garden. He actually got the waterfall (on the left of the picture below) to work yesterday, so we are seriously considering raising Tilapia and using their poo to fertilize the veggies. It's kinda cool being married to such a visionary who isn't afraid of tackling a hard project (like the compost toilet) to try something cool like fish farming!
Of course we got distracted a lot yesterday, trimming the hedges which grow crazy fast and always want to molest you!
Another cool thing that happened this past weekend is that we went to the bike path dedication of the Juanita Moe trail. Juanita is responsible for fighting tooth and nail to get so many bike paths and lanes in Irvine and other parts of Orange County, which have saved countless lives because now us cyclists don't have to be in the road! It was pretty cool hearing about Juanita's dedication and perseverance, and to see so many representatives of the city of Irvine's City Council come out to honor her. It's pretty obvious this place values cycling as recreation and transportation!
Cutting the ribbon on the path that now bears her name. 
That about wraps up what's been going on over here. Now it's time to go ride bikes and enjoy one last day before going back to teaching full time tomorrow through Christmas!


  1. Awesome! The pictures were so relaxing to see everyday for me and my family! So glad the weather was awesome! Welcome back to reality!

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