Sunday, November 1, 2015

Circle of Doom 2015 Halloween Edition

Yesterday I stole the last day of October from Brendan (don't worry, I'm giving him Nov 1st in return!) to head up to Pasadena for a fun little group road ride. About 150 people showed up to suffer it out on the climb up hwy 39 and and across/down hwy 2 on a 94 mile loop in the 'Gabes'.
I was nervous at the start because the climb up 39 was predicted to take 2-2.5 hours and I don't think I've ever climbed that long before. Turns out I freaking love climbing (not really a surprise!) and thoroughly enjoyed chasing the lead group of about 7 dudes to the first 'SAG stop'. Having stolen Brendan's light, tubeless wheels I had no power data so it was interesting trying to pace myself by feel alone.

At the sag stop we pigged out on amazing rice cakes, the first I've ever eaten, and refilled our bottles before finishing the trip up to 7,000ft on the closed part of the hwy. For the remainder of the ride the boys rode at a much more civilized pace so I was able to keep up any time we weren't descending. Then the road would start winding back down towards Pasadena, and I would get dropped because apparently I need to work on my aero tuck! We got to ride through 2 tunnels were surrounded by incredibly pretty views/big trees, and bommed crazy fun descents. Basically I was stoked every second of the ride leading me to the conclusion that I need to do more roadie group rides!
The rad guys I rode with for the second half of the ride

Picture of the group, that I am not in because we were too excited about riding bikes and didn't wait around at the top!

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  1. Awesome ! I can't have time and money to do that as you do. Thanks for your sharing