Thursday, October 8, 2015

Skills Clinic Retrospective

Last Sunday I had another opportunity to help coach a skills clinic, and I am so grateful for the amazing women who organized such a cool event. Kristin and Jeanna brought a bunch of incredible women together on a rainy, beautiful day in Irvine park and put on a great afternoon of learning/teaching. Below is the group of coaches and assistants.
Each of the 5 coaches was tasked with teaching a specific skill to a group of 5 women. As the day went on the groups rotated resulting in teaching the skill 5 times to 25ish women total. I taught how to get up and over an obstacle, a skill it took me personally about 4 years to master. Of all the things I've learned over the years, this is the one I feel has had the biggest positive impact on my riding, from helping me look cool riding up over a curb on my road bike to descending rocky trails without bashing the crap out of my rims. Being able to teach this skill to beginners and some non beginners felt pretty empowering, it's exciting to pass the knowledge on and think someone else will have that same feeling of accomplishment the first few times they master the body english.
This was the group of women who attended the clinic plus coaches and assistants.
And an action shot of the post clinic game of bike sumo, AKA circle of friends.
And the cherry on top was that sticking it out through the rain during the clinic meant hero dirt in Santiago Oaks afterwards. My body DID NOT want to ride bikes, BUT I can't turn down the very rare occurrence of hero dirt in this particular park (it's SO rare). A few of the women who attended the clinic joined us and Brendo rode with us to, making it a pretty glorious hour of dirt :)
The world's tiniest picture of Brendan and Isabelle climbing Shoots trail. 
Needless to say, I can't wait for my next skills clinic opportunity. Plus seeing so many women on bikes is inspiring. Thanks again Kristin and Jeanna and everyone who participated!

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