Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Brendan's Month

Two weekends ago, while building up that CX bike for the OC GranFondo, it took both Brendan and me working together to get the 30cc tires we borrowed from another generous Felt co-worker (those Felties... I'm telling you, they don't come nicer than that!) on the wheels. Sitting there on the workbench with B I had a mini revelation. October is Brendan's month! Last year I told B that we could do whatever he wanted every weekend in October because come November I need to be riding regularly again, and then pretty much every weekend is spent training or racing through Sept.

You may already know that B does not race bikes. He is the brains of the operation, but he hasn't been able to ride consistently for a few years now due to chronic knee pain. Needless to say the poor kid is not quite as fast as me when riding bikes/does not like to ride as far as me. This means I pretty much don't train with hubs, most every long weekend training ride takes place with various other cool dudes in Orange County. And racing this past year involved a lot of time apart as well. 

It took me a few years to learn this, but I think one of the most important things serious cyclists can do during the 'off season', when you don't have to be on your bike all day Sat and Sun, is to just BE with your family and to finally DO those non bike related activities with them. And do those activities with the energy and enthusiasm that we give training and racing. Sure I try to do Brendan things AFTER I train in the fall and winter, but I am always too tired to give the house projects 100% effort and attention, or to stay awake in the car running errands.

Although the travel and race schedule was crazy fun this past year, and I am so grateful for all the experiences and learning I gained from it, it was kinda hard on Brendan's and my relationship. I was away for 90% of the summer, and even before that I was traveling a lot during the school year. And before that I was waking up at 4:30am each day to commute to work, and too tired at night to be any fun. I think this year more than ever I've learned the importance of dedicating time to the people in my life who don't race bikes in the fall, because I care about them and I may not have done such a good job showing Brendan that this summer. I'm kinda surprised B has put up with this bike racing thing for so long, I mean he did get me into it, but he was basically a bachelor this year. I don't even want to know how many frozen pizzas that boy consumed!

Long story short, I'm trying to have some balance in my life, as well as to make sure Brendan knows I care about him almost as much as I care about my bike. It's been hard turning down offers to ride with people on the weekends, with perfect weather and whatnot, but I think that balance is kinda important.
Best part is, I rediscovered over the past few weeks that I kinda like hanging out with this kid :) He is really good at putting bikes together, he is kinda funny, and he makes killer breakfast burritos.

Sorry I forgot about your month until it was 1/3 over Brendan!

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  1. "Kinda funny"? Brendo is super funny! I'm glad you're both enjoying hanging out!