Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Some of My Favorite Things

A quick look at some of the reasons why Sonoma County is the best county ever.

Let's start with the edibles. This place is crawling with amazing produce from Gravenstein apples, to figs, wild blackberries to the tomatoes in my sister's garden. It's like heaven to someone who lives to wander outside for a snack when they are feeling hungry. I've eaten enough tomatoes to make me sick pretty much every day since I got here, and Monday I picked enough blackberries to make jam AND cobbler. 
This is just the tip of the produce iceberg too.
Jenga, everyone here LOVES Jenga. And board games and all the fun things. Huge plus that my only sister and pretty much all the coolest friends live here :)

Beautiful scenery. I know I already went on and on about the oak trees and the vineyards, but you can also hike for 15 minutes and arrive at some pretty neat sweeping views of Santa Rosa. I may have forced sister to go on a long hike on Saturday morning... she got pretty hangry at the end. 

That's Santa Rosa behind me. Throw in some pretty clouds and rolling hills... swoon.
Couldn't resist a good oak tree picture while we were hiking!
World famous Iced Coffee from Andy's market in Sebastopol. Well, I love pretty much anything from Sebastopol, but this is my fave coffee in the world :)
Complete with almost off season whipped cream
This list is just the beginning, because this place seriously rocks. I did not appreciate all it's glory until I moved away, but thank goodness it's only a 7 hour drive from SoCal...


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