Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September 1, 2015

In many ways this year has been much different from last (the mountain bike season in particular) and in many ways it has been pretty darn similar.
Like last year I did most of the same races, kept a very similar schedule and training regimens, and taught high school through mid-june/raced bikes full time in July and August.
Unlike last year I found quite a bit more success racing, spent the whole summer racing while sick, and got to experience a taste of the pro bike racer life on the road in August. Also unlike last year, my season extends into Spet this year, with Annadel Sept 12, a stage race in Brazil Sept 18-20 and Kamikaze games in Mammoth Sept 27 because I'm not going back to school.
Despite the season not being over, I'm having strangely similar feelings on this first of September that I have every year, and it's throwing me for a loop knowing I need to be training and racing for another month! Every year around this time my motivation takes a big dip. It's probably normal to feel like this, but I start to fantasize about doing other things with my life, like hiking mountains, and having babies.
After a few days of absolute rest to kick this never-ending illness in the butt I was feeling extra unmotivated this weekend, but thankfully I am in Sonoma County now, where the roads are beautiful enough to motivate even the most beat down, worn out cyclists :)
Something about roads lined in oak trees with views of vineyards...
I grew up surrounded by majestic oaks, and I appreciate them now more than ever. 
So the 2 hour ride I planned on somehow turned into a 3 hour 'I never want to stop' ride, and my motivation problems melted away with each curve of the rural, tree lined Sonoma County roads. I appreciated this place when I lived here, but it still takes my breath away every time I come back. There is nothing like riding along a vineyard on roads shaded by gigantic oaks, with views of rolling hills in the distance. Then within 20 minutes you are on a dark, cool, narrow windy road surrounded by even larger Redwood Trees.
I didn't get any redwood pictures because I was busy breathing in the musty damp smell of West County, so if you don't live here, you'll just have to come out and experience the magic of this place in person. 

Bring it on September!


  1. It is really throwing me for a loop knowing I have to be training and racing for a further month! Every year around this time my motivation needs a big dip. It's probably normal to find that this, but I start to fantasize about doing other stuff with my life, like hiking heaps, and having babies.

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