Thursday, September 17, 2015

My First Interbike!

Immediately after the Annadel XC hoopla died down Brendo and I went straight into Interbike mode, well, almost. We decided it was a brilliant idea to hit some old time favorite and some new interesting trails in the Tahoe area "on the way" to interbike, and to make the drive extra long (but scenic!). 
First we hit Hole In The Ground, one of my absolute favorites, for some rowdy, rocky good times. There was a lot of Scalpel loving on this ride, because no matter how long I ride that thing I still feel overwhelmed with joy screaming down a rocky trail on it. Also Brendan bonked... He didn't smile at all till he saw the car which contained our lunch sandos that we failed to eat till 5pm.
On Monday morning we wanted to sneak in this ride people keep telling me about, from the top(ish) of Mount Rose to Lake Tahoe. Brendan dropped me off at the top of the Tahoe Rim Trail and I jot the first 9 miles solo, with the plan of meeting up partway through the ride. 
Well the elevation profile I saw for the portion Brendan was going to do with me kinda lied a lot, and a bizarre amount of climbing and a wrong turn later, and we accidentally found ourselves on the Flume Trail, not the rowdy fun trail I was planning to finish on. There may have been some bad moods and not loving behavior from yours truely because Brendan made me descend a FIRE ROAD, but there was also a serious moment of self reflection and a 180 degree attitude adjustment when I realized that any day my tires are on dirt is a good day! Also, Flume Trail views, enough said!
So then we took the long scenic route down 395 to Vegas, ooohed and ahhed over the pretty scenery, and found the best rest stop that looked like a castle and had every candy imaginable.
Tuesday was my first day at my first OutdoorDemo at my first Interbike, so you know it was a great time! 
The best part was seeing so many awesome friends and getting to ride bikes with them! I was really stoked on the new Cannondale Habit, and NOT really stoked on the fat bike tandem Brendan and I took for a spin. 

Then it rained, then I met Yuri Hauswald when I was 2 beers deep... It may have gone down hill from there :) needless to say we left for the hotel exhausted, had to pack my bike, got locked out of our hotel room when EVERYTHING was out of the Prius in the parking lot... It was a long night. BUT...
Then the good times kept rolling on Weds with the first day of the show, where I met a million people, saw a thousand amazing bikes and components, and drank 3 shots of espresso!

Of course we went to Cross Vegas for a hot minute before Brendan dropped me at the airport for my red-eye to Miami.
I would like to talk about the highlights of the show, the things that stick out to me as super rad and/or new, but it'll have to wait because my flight to Brazil is boarding and I'm already off to the next adventure! This weekend I'll be competing in my first ever stage race (starting the day I land), wish me luck!! 

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