Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Recap

I don't really know how it's possible, but life just seems to keep rocking my socks off. Even as jobs, sponsorships, friends and opportunities change, as I am forced to grow through trial and error, and learning by falling on my face, I still have this deep sense of gratitude at the end of every week. This weekend in particular was one of those that I want to go back and relive, it was that incredible!

On Saturday I led my first group ride, a women's only pre-ride of the Annadel XC course. Although I am sure I have much to learn about leading/hosting rides, I had a great time riding with some awesome women! I've spent most of my bike riding life riding exclusively with men, because that is what was available to me, but in the past couple weeks I've done a bunch of women's rides, and they are always a blast! There's just something about a group of chicks who think pushing themselves to clean a gnar rock garden and who get a kick out of a fun swoopy descent!
And of course we had to take a group pic by the lake!
Saturday evening was spent at the cutest backyard BBQ in Santa Rosa. The people here are just so good, the weather perfect, and the yards... fig trees, children chasing chickens, twinkly lights, swoon. I love you Orange County, but this place has my heart.

Sunday we woke up super early to drive up to Fort Bragg for a little grassroots mountain bike race, the Caspar Classic. The race was a mass start, two lap 22 mile drag race. I had some delusions of grandeur before the start and got the idea in my head that I wanted to win the overall. While I couldn't quite pull it off (came in 3rd overall) I had so much fun on the tight, twisty, swoopy trails in dense redwood forest chasing boys and getting lost! The final descent was an incredible roller coaster of swoopys, jumps, log bridges and ferns. I had so much fun I did a 3rd extra credit lap before pigging out on the awesome post ride potluck style lunch. Then there was a Huffy toss, and handmade trophies were presented to the category winners.
Post bike racing shenanigans the Teeters (my sister and her hubs) and I headed to Glass Beach with about 1,450 other people. We sipped coffee snacks, played in the surf, explored the tidepools and appreciated the gorgeous coastline while getting sunburned to a crisp before heading to Boonville for a romantic sister dinner date.
Seesters. Also, this is one of the pretties California beaches I've been to!

We ended up at Table 128, an adorable restaurant where the seating was casually spread throughout the garden, and there was a month long wait list of the 'fire licked' Paella. We ordered a few small plates and soaked in the beautiful golden evening light in the prettiest spot I can imagine. It was a dinner out of my dreams and it was especially nice to have some one on one sister time. I think it's so fun to get older if you have a sister to share it with. Every stage of our sister-ship has been good, but this one may be the best so far. 
It looked like we were at a wedding, but in jogging shorts and a stinky tee shirt.
One of the little chefs was cutting herbs and mint right out of the garden. 
And to cap off an excellent 3 day weekend of fun the Teeters and I went canoe-ing on the Russian River Monday afternoon (post mountain biking of course!). I was pretty scared of the toxic algae in the water, but eventually it got hot enough out that we all had to swim. We also skipped rocks, laughed till we cried, and made lots of river friends. Again, Sonoma County is killing it all around.
Seester time FTW!
Who wouldn't want to canoe down such a pretty river on a Monday?!
And that's a wrap. Now it's back to training and trying to get some work done, while trying to not spend too much time day dreaming about all the fun times this past weekend. Hope everyone had as beautiful a Labor day weekend as we did!!

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