Sunday, September 13, 2015

Annadel XC FTW

Yesterday I competed in a race in my hometown, on trails that are very special to me because I grew up riding them. The race is a fundraiser to keep Annadel State park open to the public, and it's put on by my favorite race promoter, Bike Monkey

Flying down Ridge Trail near the end of the race.
The actual race wasn't much of a race for me because none of the other women registered in the 'pro' category showed up, so I was essentially racing myself. This isn't new to me though, so I pushed myself by chasing down the expert and singlespeed men all day. It was fun to catch a bunch of friends and cheer them on, as well as heckling/chatting up random dudes. The best part of the race was the reaction some of the men had when I passed them, I got a lot of exclamations of 'oh shit' from dudes who didn't expect to be passed by a girl, which of course stroked my probably already too big ego. I was also called an 'angel of stoke' by a guy who I descended Lawndale trail with because he said he hadn't been sure I was real (I was cheering him on, hooting and hollering, and complimenting his tail whips from behind the whole way down Lawndale trail). 
Sharing the podium with the expert women. 
It is always fun to race with and in front of the hometown crowd, and it being the end of the season, a year when I learned how to ride fast down hills, made this race a really special experience. 

After the race I had a blast talking to all the cool people who raced, hearing their war stories of crashes, cramps, and bobbles, as well as their victory stories of accomplishing goals and surprise podium performances. We also got to snack on the most amazing post race Paella and Lagunitas beer. And to top it all off I won a rain jacket and new gloves! How did Bike Monkey know that I NEEDED BOTH THOSE THINGS!!!
Post race Paella... my favorite!
A rad jacket, wine, cute gloves... seriously the best prizes EVER!
I am so honored to represent Ridebiker everywhere I go, but rocking the custom Sugoi kit in my hometown in my favorite forest, I can't think of anything better. 

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