Tuesday, August 25, 2015

When You're Trying REALLY Hard to Get Healthy

Yep, still fighting the headcold/bronchitis from hell over here (and getting nervous it's going to leek into my last little racing block coming up). My silver fox PCP claims the illness is on its way out, but I won't believe it until I can go 1 full day with no coughing and no mucus coming out of my face. Yep, that's STILL happening. In my incapacitated state, where even yoga makes me feel like passing out, I've been spending a lot of time cooking/baking and cleaning the house. Basically our house has never been so clean, and Brendan has never been so well fed. Some highlights include: fig pizza, chocolate chip coconut scones (inspired by scones we ate in WI this summer), coconut fried salmon, and quiche! Other than that there's not much to report.
What is life without bike racing??? 

1 comment:

  1. OK....You had me at Coconut Fried Salmon. Try this on Brendan, add key lime butter sauce w/scallions. It may not work on your in season nutrition, but off season....Mmmmmm.