Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Waiting Game Windham, NY Style

This picture sums up my time spent off the bike pretty well :)
I freaking love bike racing! Not sure if you could tell. And this summer has been an exceptional summer of bike racing. Despite having a gnarly cold which has probably become a mild case of bronchitis over that past 8 weeks, I have enjoyed every minute of traveling, training in new or weird places, pre-riding, waiting around, and racing bikes!

Tomorrow is my last big hurrah of the year, and then it'll be back to SoCal, some off time and a lot of neglected house cleaning/chores :) As such, I have made a point of enjoying every minute of this week, and have been constantly been thinking about how fortunate I am to have such amazing sponsors and people behind the scenes making this work. It's pretty humbling to think that without the generosity of others I would not be here, with the luxury of a team house, rental cars, an incredible bike to race on, a rad mechanic (who sometimes throws things at me), and Adam always taking care of the details so all I have to do is eat, sleep, ride my bike and focus on what is going to make me fastest on Sunday. It's the end of the summer and I'm still pinching myself. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with gratitude :)

Highlights of my last week on the road (for now, Sept. has some fun stuff in store, but more on that later) include a lot of reading, coffee drinking, making incredible food, sitting on the porch and enjoying the beautiful NY landscape, riding my bike on incredibly pretty roads, yoga, exploring the town of Windham, and sleeping 8+ hours a night. I want to always remember this time of my life, and I am so so grateful for every second of it!
All taken from training/recovery rides on the road yesterday and Wednesday. It's incredibly picturesque here. I know winter may suck a little, but I could live here all summer!
The cute farm house we are staying in. There's even a garden out back whose green beans I have been stealing :)
Been doing a lot of sitting/staying off my feet, but also taking a little time to explore Windham. At the country store I found an adorable 4 horned goat (!) chickens, jams of every flavor, and a very tempting candy selection. I may have had the self control to not but the candy, but I did get a homemade doughnut :)

Today (Saturday) I did a little more pre-riding, and now I'm off to spectate the women's DH finals! Gotta make the most of the world cup experience!

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