Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Photo Essay of Training in NY

Yesterday and today I got to do a little exploring around Windham, on the trails and the roads, and oh man is it pretty! I was thinking about the beauty I saw in the forest yesterday, while shredding a rad trail network east of town, and was tempted to try and describe the scenery with my words (partly because I never wanted to stop and take pictures) but I'm not sure my words can do this place justice. I went back to that trail network today after doing a bit of interval work on the road and grabbed a picture or two, as well as a bunch of pictures of the beauty I saw on the road. 
Saw this rad old house en route to the trails. Pretty sure it got taken out by the massive flooding Windham suffered two years ago, but besides flood danger, this is a pretty sweet location!

Also saw this cute bridge from my road ride. The rocks and the river and the trees... I can't get over how pretty it is out here! I especially love the green-ness :)

This is the pretty river I rode next to. Hills covered in trees for days out here.

More waterfalls. 

This is what the awesome trails looked like. Tons of trees, sweet hero dirt, green grass/moss covering the ground. 

I also tried to ride this trail, but turns out here when they say hiking only there is a good reason for it. I ended up hiking only for a good while before giving up and riding back down to find another route into the forest. 

The house we are staying in is SUPER cute as well. It's kinda like a farm house, just no animals or crops. 

I've spent a lot of non-bike riding time on this porch eating, reading and just looking at the scenery. 

Clouds as seen from my walk to the coffee shop. The clouds are always killing it here as well. 

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