Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stuff That Motivates Me

A very creative title, I know... but this past week in Mammoth Lakes was filled with inspirational moments, amazing cheering and some pretty sweet food, all stuff that motivates me to ride bikes as hard as I can!

First of all, let's talk about the amature races. From little kids to old men, there were thousands of amateurs braving the gnar of Shotgun trail to pre-ride and race the Nationals XC. I got to see and encourage some of them while pre-riding, others I got to cheer for during their races, and they reminded me of the sheer joy that is mountain biking. Seeing the adorable, nervous, excited faces of the 8-9 year olds, and the sense of accomplishment of the older amateurs helped put the fire in my belly to ride hard be brave :) I especially loved hearing one of the 8 year old boys turn around and yell good luck to an 8 year old girl in the wave behind him at the starting line of his race, so so cute!
Got to do a lot of spectating with races on Thursday and Friday (mine was Sat)!
Not only did I get to spectate some awesome races and cheer my lungs out, but the cheering during my race was amazing. I heard my name all over the course, which is still so new and exciting to me (a year ago Brendan was the only one cheering for me by name :). I freaking love the enthusiasm of the spectators, and it may seem trivial, but the cheering really does make it easier to tolerate the agony of the pain cave! Thanks guys for all the cheering!!!

The food, this is a huge motivator for me :) We had the most amazing pita and lamb meat balls one night, tried Elk for the first time another night, and ate pretty much the best sushi ever on Wednesday night. After our interval workouts (well any ride really) I looked forward to the most amazing bagel sandwich of my life from Stellar Brew. Then I branched out and had the best rice, kale, carrots and beets bowl of food in my life, from the SAME PLACE!!! On Sunday am, as a reward for racing hard the day before, we got to eat Schat's Bakery... swoon. I love nothing more than a good bakery. When we first arrived in Mammy I was worried the food scene was going to be disappointing, I was very wrong! 

I am drooling just looking at this. Seriously, pesto, cream cheese, a runny egg, spinach and a tomato... oh man!
Besides all that good stuff motivating me to race my guts out in Mammy, let's not forget all the good times we had just riding bikes, camping, and seeing all my favorite people in the same place at the same time! Last week was a freaking blast! I can't wait for Nats next year, but until then there are a few more races to race and a bit of work to be done :)
On Sunday we played like fools on the DH trails. It was seriously so much fun. Bike racing can be a lot of intervals and agony and restricted calories, but days like Sunday... So so fun. Giggling, almost crashing, flying down the trail, wide smiles that make your cheeks hurt fun. 
I spent the whole week with this crazy kid who thinks a hardtail on DH trails is totally acceptable! I guess when you can ride like a boss you don't really NEED all that suspension :) 
Got to see Deckerator a few times, including while he kicked ass in the XC race! Fast dudes are my favorite!
Rode with this fool as well. He survived 3 hours of Daniel and I dragging him across and down the mountain on Sunday! 

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