Thursday, July 2, 2015

Living the Life

Each day since school got out has been incredibly beautiful, sometimes hard/painful, and always extremely fun. I have been traveling around sometimes racing, sometimes training and sometimes resting, but always extremely grateful for the opportunity to make riding and racing bikes my job. Here's a quick update on life since the US Cup in CO Springs.

Sunday morning, before short track, I rode to Garden of the Gods, the most beautiful little park I have ever seen! There were tons of jagged tall rocks everywhere, and I thoroughly enjoyed being a tourist and pedaling around/taking pictures/gawking at pretty views. 

Bikes and rocks and nice weather, yes please! Colorado has the scenery thing down!
I never blogged about short track, but Sunday afternoon we had a 15 minute + 3 lap race back at Pulpit Rock (same venue as the XC on Sat). It was ridiculously painful, BUT I used what I learned from the mistakes I made on Sat to my advantage and pulled off a 5th place finish. Super proud of Rose Grant for winning! She's a studdett, and she taught me about wearing mascara while racing bikes... it was a rad day!
I was pretty determined to land on the podium after Saturday's disappointing finish!
Monday, after a little spin on the bike path, I jumped into the car of new friend Sam and drove to SLC, thus beginning the period of my life that we will call driving back and forth from Denver to SLC over and over. I have been doing a lot of this trip 'fly by the seat of my pants' style, not planning too much in advance, and was lucky enough to have multiple options for the drive to Utah! I love the bike racing community! 

Tuesday was a no-bike day, so after a morning of errands and naps Toby (aka Tobin/Toblerone) and I decided to go for a hike. Well I didn't know that dogs are very much not allowed in Big Cottonwood Canyon, so Toby got to hike to donut falls illegally, woops. The drive up to the trail head alone was enough to have me freaking out in the car. Utah is seriously so so pretty. Trees and lush green grass and wildflowers and the prettiest rocks I have ever seen EVERYWHERE!!!

My hiking buddy. Sorry Utah-ans for our dirty feet in your drinking water... 
Some pretty flowers we saw hiking. 
Being in Utah makes me feel religious. How is it possible that such pretty places even exist?! 
Wednesday was a bit of a blur or agony and driving. I had to do vomit intervals in the am, didn't hit my numbers but almost lost my breakfast, and then drove to Fruita, CO. The interval ride wasn't all pain and no gain though, I got to hit Pipeline Trail, my go-to post interval trail, which is pretty much the most beautiful mountain bike experience you will ever have. Imagine dipping and weaving on flowy smooth singletrack in a tight tunnel of oak trees with bright green grass lining the trail. It was heavenly, and almost made me forget the agony from the first half of the ride, almost.
From the drive down I-40 in CO. SO SO pretty!!!
Then I may have taken the long way to Fruita on accident, killed two bunnies (mostly by accident) and arrived at my campsite just after dark. The drive was gorgeous though, I saw my first ever Elk in the wild, and there was an incredibly pretty full moon which helped me set up camp. I have never camped alone before, and there was no one else in the free camping area I choose to spend the night, but I left the tent door wide open because it was such a pretty night. I may have had one dream about a homeless person watching me sleep through the open tent door, and I may have woken up a few times convinced I was going to be murdered, but obviously everything turned out fine. 

I'll blog about today's ride in Fruita later, because now it's time to swim in the CO river and then drive to Breck! The non-plans are coming together quite nicely!

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