Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weddings and Head Colds and Stuff?

 You know what's really kinda sucky? Working hard for three weeks, yearning to be at the Euro World Cups but staying in the US and teaching school every day, and then, right before finally getting to race again (in CO no less) coming down with a head cold! So that't whats been happening in this little corner of the world, lots of near vomit intervals, and now a serious dose of disappointment.

To possibly beat the cold out and still have a shot of enjoying/racing fast in CO I stayed home from school today, slept in, and am taking it as easy as possible. I secretly am very much looking forward to the days when staying home/training full time will be my life every day... :)

Here's a quick update on life/training lately.

Last weekend we went to NorCal to relive our wedding at Compass Rose Gardens, just this time we were celebrating the love and med school graduation of Dr. Mayers and Dr. Mayers. It's a weird to have known someone all the way through med school, but we couldn't be more proud of these guys and their love and stuff. The ceremony was hilarious, the snacks were unbelievable and the dancing was out of control, just how I like it. Here are some pictures of all our cute friends and their loves.

All these people taught me stuff about riding bikes, and life and stuff. I love them so. 
Also, they are really good dancers, like seriously. Arm flailing and everything. 
While we were up north I got to do a vomit intervals on my favorite roads, in my favorite towns, surrounded by towering redwood trees, ferns, and so many pretty flowers. It's been a long time since I was in Sonoma county in May, I had completely forgotten how pretty the Sonoma Coast is in spring. I even took the road bike up Willow creek road, the best ever dirt road on the planet.

I also go to hit my favorite state park, Annadel, for an intense 2 hour battle with myself and my feelings. Good news, Annadel can cure any wrong and at the end of the ride all was forgiven and forgotten. Long story short, it's not always easy to be married to someone with a significant difference in athletic ability. Also, sorry to anyone I did not smile at or say hi to, I was pretty focused on hurting myself for the first hour of my ride. Then the trees, the rocks and the flow of the trail soothed my anger and gave me all the happiness back.

Other random highlights include eating Wildflower pastries and drinking Flying Goat coffee with sister and her fiancee (egyptian sticky bun and chocolate strawberry scones... swoon), seeing sisters gardening progress = so proud and a little jealous, and getting to see my favorite in laws for like 30 seconds (it was a whirlwind weekend).
OTH racers, now that's a fun crowd...)

And this week has been full of intervals, reviewing for finals with the kiddos at school, and one exciting evening of spectating at Over the Hump (possibly the reason I am sick, lots of cheering and missing my bed time... woops).

Now it's off to bed, again (I got out of bed like 3 hours ago...) for more sleep in hopes the cold will be gone by the weekend! Wish me luck!

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