Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I Think I'm Falling in Love

Before it was just infatuation. It was all about looks and that new relationship feeling that gives you butterflies in your gut. I was smitten, and it was exciting, and we didn't really know each other at all. But it's become something much more serious in the past 4 weeks. We have been together a lot lately, and I feel like we finally know each other, we take care of each other, and my feelings are deeper than before. I think I'm falling in love... with my race Scalpel (and super wide Kappius rims)!
Who wouldn't get the feelings from riding that bike? Isn't she the prettiest?
We were together in Vail a few weeks ago, and have been attached at the hip since Missoula. Race Scalpel is the most beautiful, capable bike I have ever ridden (how do bikes keep getting better?!). It doesn't matter where we go, riding her is like a dream, and I get the giddy/sigh with pleasure feelings that cause me to hoot and holler even when we are in the wilderness all alone.

Here is the rundown of our adventures of late.

After the Missoula XCT I packed the rental car with Race Scalpel and headed to Sun Valley Idaho. On the way we gnawed on a loaf of Le Petit Outre bread and stopped at Fisher Creek trail for a nice recovery ride.
Wildflowers everywhere! Plus lush green grass and beautiful aspens. Then some burned trees...
 This little loop has some nice gradual climbs and screaming fast, flowy smooth descents. My heart was singing at the end of the ride. It's hard for me to not over-do on Race Scalpel, and the ride was over way too soon!
The view at the very end of the loop. I was kinda freaking out about the pretty scenery too. I wanted to take ALL the pictures!
Getting quite cozy with my love...

Then Race Scalpel slept together for the first time, in the back of the rental car parked in the woods just outside of Sun Valley. It was a bit cramped, but not sleeping at all Saturday night made it easy to fall asleep with a pedal in my ribs. I was pretty nervous about the bear situation (there was food in the car... remember that loaf of bread?) but apparently only California bears tear car doors off to get to the food inside.

The next morning called for a Bowl of Soul from Java on 4th (in honor of Darin Maxwell) and more pastries... I swore I would eat a real breakfast... but those blueberry muffins were calling my name! Then we had an epic day of riding the 2014 Marathon XC Nationals course (sorta). We got lost many times, suffered it out on an unnecessary, ridiculously steep fire road climb, and had some indecisive moments, but Race Scalpel and I had a blast together. This bike climbs like a hardtail, but descends so capably. It was another making happy noises while riding kind of day.
There was a lot of smiling and giggling going on... 
My cell phone camera doesn't do this place justice... you'll just have to go there and ride to find out how incredibly pretty it is!
We go everywhere together... who wouldn't want to spend the afternoon at the river with the love of their life? 
After the ride and a quick swim in the super cold river, we piled back into the car and drove to Salt Lake. Race Scalpel is the best travel buddy :)

We did some real work today, not just goofing off, but after the painful stuff we made some bad decisions that involved a hike-a-bike both Carl and Darrin would be proud of, and more mind blowing scenery. 
There was a lot of this face. And a lot of allergies, so snot, lots of snot. 

And that has been our life over the past few days. I'm not really sure what day of the week it is right now, but when you're in love, details like that don't really matter. What matters is that Race Scalpel and I will ride together again tomorrow... I cannot wait!

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  1. BOWL OF SOUL!!!! I freak'n love it!! By that HUGE SMILE I'd say you're enjoying life to it's fullest!!
    Way to go KID!!