Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wrapping up Another Great Week!

Currently I am sitting on the couch clutching a warm cup of tea, and loving the sound of rain on the roof/skylights. An hour ago, I was suffering like a dog in the pouring rain, commuting home/doing my prescribed intervals. I have to say, although I feel guilty even thinking it, this storm made me appreciate the drought a little bit. I have only ridden in the rain 3 or 4 times this year and it's been pretty nice. I do love the rain though, especially looking out our huge picture windows at it from inside the warm house :)

This week has been a bit crazy, with training ramping up again (I had two much needed chill weeks after Whiskey), and school still in full swing. Here are some highlights from the week, and random thoughts I have been thinking, if you're interested.

~After work on Monday Brendan and I went rock climbing, as we have been doing for the past few weeks. Mostly I like rock climbing because coach says I can do that instead of core, but also I find it very philosophical. On every ascent, I am always making corny comparisons between climbing and life in my head. My most common thought is that rock climbing has taught me that any progress is good progress. When I get one foot even an inch higher than it was before and push myself up, it can make a HUGE difference in my perspective and where my hands can go. Like life, even if it's hard, just keep inching your way up, and bam, perspective and possibilities will change. Corny, I know!

The am mtn bike ride was very nice :)
~Wednesday I ditched school to spend the day at Urgent care (after riding my bike of course) due to my second horrible case of poison oak in a month's time. Last time I broke out, I sucked it up and waited out the rash. This time it was too much, and I went in to get some RX meds to speed up the healing time. The DR definately made fun of me for continuing to ride on poison oak covered trails, but it was SO worth it, the rash is almost gone, and I slept last night, so that was nice. I did think I would get a lot done, staying home from school and all , but nope, just mountain biking, dr. office, pharmacy and sleeping.

~I have been trying to enjoy the crap out of every last day of school, because you know, I wont be doing this next year. I've even convinced myself to enjoy the 4:30am alarms, pre-dawn commutes into work, and endless lesson planning. Knowing it's coming to an end gives me a whole different perspective. I'm also getting a kick out of teaching solids of revolution in Calc, and exponential functions in Algebra. I'm more and more excited each day about what next year has in store, but I will also miss teaching. Overall I feel so blessed to be leaving a job I love for another job I super love :)

And that's that. Now to rest up for the Catalina Gran Fondo this weekend! I hope there are dolphins and buffalo all over the place! Oh, and fun trails, cool people and lots of suffering, I want that too!!!

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