Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Recap (Gran Fondo Prep Edition)

This weekend was full of biking, as one would imagine, plus a healthy dose of yard work. The only thing missing was rock climbing, Brendan wouldn't let me climb because he is a good husband, and wants my poor smashed up ribs to heal. Here are the highlights of the weekend.

Started the weekend off with an awesome ride with the Laguna Canyon Riders Middle School MTB Camp. I'm surrounded by 14-18 year olds all the time, so being with 7-13 year olds was a blast! We talked with a police officer about bike safety, a ranger about the habitat in Laguna and how we can help preserve the park, and then rode bikes!! I may have gotten in trouble by a kid for not following the rules and walking my bike on one section of trail, but other than my misbehaviour, I think they liked me :)
Highlight of the ride, one kid exclaimed at the bottom of Camarillo trail, "That was a pure adrenaline ride!" Yes it was little kid, yes it was!
Then I got to ride bikes WITH BRENDAN!!! I showed B-dan some of my favorite trails on a ride that was supposed to be 1.5 hours, but really lasted 3 hours, oops! I love showing my love trails that I love!

Saturday afternoon Brendan slept while I slaved in the yard. The price I pay for dragging the boy around on bikes all morning.
Now the hard work, setting the stones so dogs don't dig them up!
Then the BEST part of the weekend, playing bikes for 6 hours in the Santa Ana's (which is like going home for me). We'll call this Catalina Gran Fondo prep, I hear there's 8k of climbing in the 50 miler! So on Sunday I dragged Adam all over, up and down, through the poison oak, and almost all the way across my favorite little range.

We saw swarms of millions of ladybugs, and forests of yucca, jungles of poison oak, and dozens of real trees (a rarity in SoCal, haha).

We climbed 8 thousand feet, in 47 miles and suffered like dogs on the road ride from Trabuco Wash to Silverado.

We stopped to look for Carl at Pinos Peak (he was there half an hour later), and drank secret stored Santa Ana water.

We rode so long my Garmin and Stages both quit, resulting in no data collected.

Trabuco trail: Don't worry, as soon as you are absolutely spent from riding loose shale on a steep incline, it get's harder...

And we lost all the elevation gained on Trabuco trail in 20 minutes descending Yeager Mesa. It was a gloriously thrilling, butt on your rear tire, free fall down coffee dirt back into the oak.

It may be a while before I get to play like that in good dirt on the Santa Ana's again, so I savored every second of steep as crap climbing on loose shale, slippery free falling, and fire road crushing. It was the perfect day, followed by 3 more hours of yard work.

Now I'm already looking ahead to riding on the magical island of Catalina, among the buffalo next weekend. Catalina Gran Fondo, here we come!


  1. Great read. Heard about you from watching one of the USA Cycling XC broadcasts. Just an inspiring story and an amazing performance. Been following you ever since. Good luck!!