Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Time I Learned About Patience (AKA Whiskey 50 Fat Tire Crit)

Last night we raced the Fat Tire Crit here in Prescott AZ, to determine the call ups for Sunday's 50 mile main event. Here is a little run down of how it went. 

Lap 1- Sat on Erin's wheel up the hill, and got in front-ish for the first descent, not a bad start.

Lap 2-Went all out because it was a prime lap (if you cross the finish line first you get $50), and got out-cornered by Rose Grant.

Lap 3- Found myself off the front with Georgia, Chloe and Rose, going really really hard! Absolutely buried myself to keep up on the climb!

Lap 4-Came off the lead group and found myself alone, between two groups of riders, suffering.

Lap 5- Let the next group catch me, and then rode with Katerina, Maghelie, and Evelyn for a while, trying to recover. 

Lap starting to loose count- The announcer announced another prime lap for our chase group, and the Luna Chix attacked, got dropped, and started to feel sorry for myself (haha).

Lap really not sure now- Kept turning pedals, saw the sign for three laps to go, was very grateful for that!

Lap still not sure but close to the end- Some lady crossed the street in front of me IN the sketchiest corner, I screamed for 20 seconds. Then I saw Carl Decker on the backside of the course, and the magic of his mustache gave me supernatural powers!

Lap one to go- Caught Rose and securely attached myself to her wheel.

Lap none to go- Attacked the crap out of Rose on the last climb and crossed the finish line in 5th!

Ruining the podium since 2014!
All in all it was an amazingly painful race complete with a searing sore throat from the altitude and that awesome cough you get when you go hard. The crowds were pretty spectacular too, cheering harder than I was racing! I think I liked the cheering as much as I liked the pain in my legs and lungs! And I also didn't know the podium went 5 deep, so I was very unprepared for it, hence the slacks and not really sponsor correct jersey :)

Now we drink mochas and take naps all day to prepare for tomorrows second round of brutal thrashing! I can't wait!!!

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