Monday, April 20, 2015

Sea Weasle FTW!

We arrived back in SoCal at 11:30pm last night, hit the sac and then woke at at 5am for work. Ouch. Let's just say there was much coffee consumption today! The pain of waking up early and going to work today was numbed though, by all the good memories made this past weekend at the Sea Otter Classic! The XC race on Sat may not have gone as I would have hoped it would, but a fantastic time was had meeting/thanking sponsors, seeing new bike world stuff and letting it all hang out on the Flow trail in Santa Cruz.
The following is some of the highlights in pictures (although I missed about a million excellent photo ops, such as meeting Charlie Sponsel, and seeing some dude in a sumo thong on a bike). I will write a race recap at some point, but the socializing was the highlight of the weekend, so here's to the fun stuff!
Got to pre-ride with this cutie. It took us 2 hours to go 17 miles, but it was super fun to ride with hubs again!
Incredibly beautiful oak trees lined the course, which meant we had to take lots of pics, hence the long pre-ride. 

Got to meet/thank so many amazing people who are super supportive of my bike racing career. My favorite part of the weekend (besides the free espresso thanks to Kenda Tires) was telling people how well their products have treated me/how much the performance of their tires/wheels/pedals/grips makes riding more rad. I am pretty lucky to have some incredible equipment under me when I ride.

AND we got to spend the weekend in Monterey where we saw a REAL LIVE SEA OTTER in the nature!!

We wrapped the weekend up with pastries and coffee, a romantic morning walk along the coast and then shredding bikes with a super fun group of college friends!

 Riding in Soquel Demo forest never disappoints! :)

Off to bed, so I can tackle one more day of teaching, a day of Algebra 1 planning meetings, and then it's off to AZ for my first Whiskey 50 ever!

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