Thursday, April 23, 2015


Just finished pre-riding the single track portions of the Whiskey 50 course, and holy moly is it amazing. I think I had more fun on bikes today than I can remember in a long long time. Flow trail was awesome in Santa Cruz, but Prescott is like mountain bike heaven. Here is why today was #anotherbestday:

Scalpy 2.0 is the best bike ever. Seriously, this bike flows, shreds and climbs like nobody's business. I haven't raced a 29er XC bike since I 'borrowed' a Felt Edict two years ago for Montana and Wisconsin, but this bike takes light, short travel full suspension to the next level. I can't even really explain all the good feels it was giving me out there today, just competent, confidence inspiring descending and smooth climbing goodness.
Scalpy 2.0 blending in with the ShoAir RV before our ride. Isn't she the prettiest too?
 I got to ride with the raddist Adam, who took every style point out there on the trail, and even showed me how to crash like a pro! Following this guy's lines makes me laugh, and take chances! Plus he knows all the things, and is good at heart to heart talks! haha

The views were epic. We are talking sweeping views of Arizona valleys, mountains and pretty cloudy skies. I wanted to stop a million times to take pictures, but we were riding so fast/having so much fun stopping seemed like a bad idea.

And most importantly, the trails here are INCREDIBLE!!! I have never gone so fast downhill on singletrack, ridden over so many rock outcroppings, and felt the flow through so many amazing turns, and over so many fun bumps and drops. We rode everything but the fire road descent and climb, and I was hooting and hollering the whole time. It was like all the best parts of my favorite trails all in one place at one time!

And the good news is, I get to do it again on Sunday!!! Although it will undoubtedly be more painful, I'm looking forward to doing it all again! Now it's time to lay low, keep the feet up and rest up for the fat tire crit tomorrow! 

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