Monday, April 6, 2015


I love racing bikes, and I love training, and I love all those things, BUT... lately I've really been craving a nice long, fun day of playing bikes. This weekend brought TWO of those days, along with the opportunity to find my missing love of going fast-ish downhill.
Spring in SoCal means mustard weeds, EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Saturday's ride was a 5 hour mini tour of my favorite trails in Laguna and Aliso. There were rocky, technical ups and screaming fast twisty descents. I got to play with sliding corners and met tons of people (also maybe almost killed one or two, sorry!). There were also lots of giggles going through tight turns and some scared for my life screaming on some bad line choice sections of Car Wreck. Highlight of the ride was hearing Adam yell 'yolo' behind me on the way down Car Wreck, hahaha. Thanks for playing bikes with me Adam, Carl and Jane, it was a pretty perfect day.

Meeting all the boys. Mountain bikers are my favorite people, I hope these guys we met at the 'top of the world'  get to Downieville someday like they said they would :)

 Also, it was a beautiful day, finally a weekend where it wasn't a million degrees! I did still empty 3 entire water bottles on the ride though.

Sunday AM brought Easter rock climbing with the hubs, where we both destroyed our arms and shoulders (I know, I know, it's mostly supposed to be lower body, but we are still learning!), and then 2 hour naps in the early afternoon. Then I got to go ride local trails with neighbor and MTB legend DW for a few hours. We rode all the staple fun trails, and one new one I hadn't seen before. Another perfect unstructured romp in the dirt. Spring break has been very good to me so far :)

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  1. So fun listening/watching you enjoy the downhill, thanks for the invite :)