Friday, April 10, 2015

Bonelli #2 Pre Race Prep

Here we go again, another awesome US Cup HC race, another go at Bonelli Park, and another chance to play with the big dogs of mountain biking! I am so excited!

The only down side to racing bikes at the elite level is that sometimes you have to be a good kid and take rest days, where you don't even ride your bike at all! The horror! Here is what a high school math teacher does for prep on an off day during Spring Break leading up to a big race:

1) Paint the walls in the bedroom because they were PINK when you moved in. Who paints their walls pink?!?! This job was actually much more time consuming than I thought it would be. Thursday morning I thought I would be done painting by noon, instead I am still not done with the second coat of paint on a small section of the tall wall!

2) Bake some bread, 'cause why the heck not!

3) Walk the dog for 2 hours because you have to visit all the cool mountain biking neighbors (really walked for an hour and visited for an hour, sorry Davey!)

4) Install a new 'on demand' hot water heater with hubby. Hooray for having a working dishwasher and indoor shower again!!!

5) Yoga and stretching, until the dog tries to kill me. (either he thinks he is hugging me, or he hates yoga, not really sure which it is though)

6) (on Wednesday) Pre-ride the awesome new course on hero-dirt.
It looks a lot different now that the warm SoCal spring has browned out all the grass, but the new course is seriously a good time!
7) Wash all the lovelies! Especially satisfying is washing all the coffee off the bottom bracket area of my road bike :) Any guesses as to how it got there?
Put that green bar tape on the AR FRD before I got picked up by Ridebiker. Good color choice because now my road bike fits into the fleet!
8) Hit the pumptrack! (actually did this a few times last week to work on my pumping/carrying speed through stuff. One day I want to descend as fast and smooth as Emily Batty and Catherine Pendrel! 
I always like reading what other Pros do to prepare for a big race, and now you have the inside scoop on how I get ready! I have some more rooms that need to be painted, so come over any time... :)

And don't forget to come out and cheer tomorrow at 11:30am at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, CA. If you're too far away to watch live, you can stream the race again at

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