Wednesday, March 25, 2015

WHAT UP, Wednesday!

You know what I love about bike racing, besides bike racing itself? The fact that every day is basically the best day, and I don't ever wake up wishing the week was over yet! It's the best! It's the middle of the week, and I am as stoked as I get on Friday, because WEDNESDAY!!! (well, I may have had a little too much coffee today, but still!!!)

Reasons why (almost) every day is the best day:

When I come home there is this huge, adorable, disaster of a dog who CAN'T WAIT to say hi to me! Plus 5 chickens who are freakin' out that I'm home (really they just want table scraps...)
Dave-dog playing soccer, you know, like he does. 
Chanaenae :)
Coffee. That is all.

Bikes- Sometimes I ride 'em to school AND home from school AND in the dirt all in one day! Sometimes I don't ride them at all (like today) but I still think about them...
Bikes AND goats?! No freaking way!
Husband- He is pretty happy to see me after work too, but mostly I think that's because I make dinner, and sometimes I cut his hair. He calls me the wife of a thousand uses... ok, maybe that part is a bit weird...

Husband with chicken... he's such a good dad :)
Sometimes (well, just one time) people recognize me on the road and I feel famous! Really, that really did happen this week. I smiled all afternoon after that happened :)

Basically, also, every weekend is some rad bike race, where I will get to see all the cool kids, and ride bikes and hang out, and that's the best of the best. This weekend I get to race road bikes AND mountain bikes (if all goes to plan, or maybe it's if all doesn't go to plan. I'll let you know what that questionable plan was AFTER the weekend!) And a wise man once told me the key to life is always feeling like there is something to look forward to/ that right now is the best, and basically I guess that's how life feels right now.

Now I need to go get this caffeine out of my system somehow...

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