Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend Recap

Time is flying by, mostly filled with training, cleaning the house (how is there so much cleaning to do?) eating amazing food, and spending time with awesome people. Here is a brief recap of the weekend.
Finding my happy place on one of the best roads in SoCal.
We headed out to LA on Saturday morning so I could sneak a preview of GMR for San Dimas Stage Race, and Brendan could hike with Dave Dog. I cannot believe how beautiful the climb up Glendora Mountain Road was, and that I had never been there before!
Water, in LA!? WHAAAA???
There was a lake down below at one point, a snow capped mountain in the near distance, and hardly any cars. I even found a sweet single track trail at the top to ride down rather than take pavement.
Expert photography, thumb included for scale of awesomeness.
The AR FRD (my road bike) did not love the trail as much as me, but we made it down in one piece, creek crossings and all. 

For lunch on Sat Brendan and I FINALLY tracked down Kogi Food Truck for another burrito on our list of 12 life changing burritos. We ate a spicy pork, and a short rib burrito, both of which were amazing! It was totally worth the wild goose chase and traffic. Then Davey got into the glove box and stole the leftovers while we snuck into the grocery store for 5 minutes!
Another hot date with this guy :) 
Then we ran errands and cleaned all afternoon. Being an adult seems to mean a lot of cleaning!

Sunday I finally got to play in the dirt again with Carl in Laguna! It was a glorious ride completed with some of my favorite trails, sweeping ocean views and beautiful weather.
Fluffy green stuff everywhere, rocky steep descents, ocean, I was in heaven!
Can't get enough of the green! I don't think it ever got green last year. 
Photos from my personal photag Carl, haha. 
And after yet more cleaning and yard work we got to have dinner with some awesome mountain biking rockstars who started Non-Dot Adventures complete with Davey stealing a bag of cheese and hot tub time. 

Now we are already knees deep in another work week, but there is the Bonelli Park US Cup to look forward to, so bring it weekdays!

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  1. Beautiful scenery....looks like a fantastic weekend....