Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thankful Thursday (on a Tuesday)

So, I may have mentioned on here before that there is such a thing as too much bike riding. Although it seems counter intuitive to someone like me, who lives to grind up steep fire roads and surf the scree on a loose swoopy descent, overtraining is a real thing, and it kinda blows. On one hand, I love riding bikes and want to go ride more bikes. On the other hand I am tired, grumpy, cry about stupid things like Davey eating a bin of ginger snaps from Trader Joe's and I have saddle sores up the wazoo (haha literally. Gross, I know). So what does one do when the most important race of the season thus far is this coming weekend and one feels pooped out? 
Not the best picture of B*, but if you've been there you know that there is also a bit of single track in there too!
Some would say take some time off, stop formally training, rest your body, and do something other than biking all the time for a while. I have a hard time with that answer, so today I decided to try a different approach. I decided to think about all the stuff I am grateful for on my cool down after today's workout, and that really helped shift my attitude/perspective. 

Here is what I am most grateful for today.

Blackstar Canyon, and Harding Truck Trails. I live within riding distance of two amazing hour long fire road climbs that are perfect for so many of my workouts. I thought about all the possible places I could live where there are no 5-8% hour long climbs near by, and I just felt overwhelmed with gratitude that we happened to buy a house with multiple options! Right now the dirt roads are lined with wildflowers and fluffy green grass, and it is so so pretty up in the canyons. 
Scalpy loves the fluffy green too!
Perspective, that's what I need to get my motivation and drive back :) I'm already getting more stoked for this weekend! Suck it overtraining!

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  1. fluffy for the win! :)))
    your hard work will be rewarded, good luck this weekend.