Thursday, March 19, 2015

Little Sister Wisdom

It's Thursday, I just got out of school and I'm sitting in the same chair, at the same coffee shop I visited last week on this day, drinking the same chai latte. Yeah, you could say I'm a little superstitious :) This weekend will be another test of the fitness, will, and tenacity of some of the world's best mountain bikers, and I want it to turn out EXACTLY like last weekend. I know I can't be in control of the outcome of the race, and repeating my exact behaviours the few days prior guarantees nothing, but it's giving me peace of mind, and for now, that's enough.
Maybe I should just hope I enjoy the race this weekend as much as I did last weekend!
This week I've been living on a high brought on by the joy of performing well, and the love and encouragement of so many friends, family, and strangers. For me, this high has come with a new stress though. I feel like I have to repeat last weekends performance to prove it wasn't a fluke event, and I am scared that people expect something of me I might not be able to deliver. When discussing these thoughts with little sister this week she said something I thought was really profound, something to the effect of 'it's only scary because it's worth it.' I really like this outlook, and I think I'm going to claim it as my inner mantra this season. It's scary to aim high and risk failing, especially when others are watching. Racing wouldn't be half as exciting if it wasn't so scary though. At least I can rest in the fact that I've done my homework, I am still the same dorky bike nerd I was last week at this time, and that I no matter the outcome, I will probably still have a blast in the dirt!
Could not have been more happy than each time I cleaned the A-line last weekend!
So here's to having fun suffering it out with those crazy fast chicas again! Let's do this!!

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