Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lessons Learned: Bonelli Edition

Sweet pic from the 15 minutes of agony that was short track on Sunday.
So basically I just can't let go of this past weekend just yet. If you're sick of reading about the US Cup Bonelli Park race, read no further. If not, well here is what I learned this weekend.
  • Keep your social media updated. Otherwise you may end up being 'the future math teacher who wants a goat' hahaha. Not that this is entirely untrue about me, but that Twitter profile info is from 2010! 
  • Don't drink electrolyte drink mix that expired in 2103 (when it it currently 2015). It may be a little less effective than non-expired stuff, and could cause epic cramping... not a fun one to learn the hard way. Or maybe I just need to drink more during the first half of races. Prob should have been concentrating on that instead of showing off for the helicopter. 
The most legit podium I have ever worn street clothes on.
  • Bring a back-up kit. Just do it. Who cares if you don't end up on the podium. If you do place top 5, you end up on a podium as the girl in a tee shirt and short shorts when everyone else is in a clean kit... geeze. >>
  • There is a ton to be said for sheer experience. Just being there at the start line for the third year in a row felt like a completely different experience, mostly because I was not nearly as nervous! Also, I watched the women in front of me during the race, I wanted to learn as much as possible from them, and they seem at home racing with each other. Heck, they even knew to not go all out on the first three laps, that's a mistake I make basically every time I race bikes!

  • Persistence, that one is really important too. This is my third year racing at the 'pro level' in the sense that it is my third season lining up in these races. There have been times when I felt discouraged because my results weren't improving fast enough, when I was not sponsored, and when mechanicals or illness took me out. Despite the rough times, I have been giving it my all in training for the past year (didn't really have a coach until a year ago), and I finally saw the fruits of all my labor this past weekend. I think this is the most important thing I learned this past weekend, that it takes time, that it won't go as you hope it will in every race, but if you stick with it long enough, things will come around.
Now I'm setting my sights on next weened's HC Fontana race, trying to get my legs to stop hurting, and enjoying every day life for a bit :)

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