Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sickie Sick McSickerson

Sometimes working as a high school teacher is awesome. Those times include winter break, spring break, summer break, and almost every day at 2:30 when I can potentially leave work to go ride bikes. It's also awesome when kids say "This is my favorite class!" I mean, it's math for goodness sakes, who wouldn't want a kid to love math?! And on days like today when all your freshmen algebra 1 students are factoring their little hearts out, and asking you for help/what they did wrong one on one. Yeah, today was a good day. 
Sometimes being a teacher is kinda sucky though because being surrounded by hundreds (literally, I have 200 students) of kids all day means you are def. going to get sick, no matter how baller your immune system is. 
This week I got hit with my second illness of the school year, and although it was just a little head cold, it threw a gigantic wrench into my training, and overall just bummed me out! It's one thing to be sick in the off season, or base season, when you can miss 3 days of riding to recover, but right at the start of a hard block of training, leading up to TWO races?! The timing couldn't have been suckier! 
Alas, I spent most of the week in bed (when I wasn't teaching with horrible sinus pressure and a sore throat), and got very little done. I still managed to be outside long enough to...
catch a glimpse of my babies peaking out of the dirt. The sight of little baby plants will never get old to me! In this planter box we have sweet peas and spinach. In the one not pictured we have tons of carrots, chard, and lettuce. We went small with the garden this year to keep it manageable with racing and all. 

and go for a little mountain bike ride on Tuesday (the day I got sick). I started my intervals from hell, then had to bail and rode the luge instead (because coach said to knock it off since I was sick). On the way up to the top of the luge I could see Harding Truck trail, where I was supposed to be suffering, it made me sad to be missing a key workout. 
 And even though this week has been suckie, I did get to do an incredible Holy Jim/Coldwater ride last Sunday, so at least there is that!
The views on my favorite fire road, Indian Truck Trail, are awesome, this picture doesn't do it justice. Why do I love that fire road so so much?!
The views on the way down Coldwater were out of control too! Fluffy green fuzz lining the trail the whole way down!

Brendan gave me new shoes for Valentines day, and they match my kit! How lucky is that?!
So here's to hoping that this is the last head cold of the year! Stay healthy kiddos, you don't want to miss 3 days of riding like me!!!

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  1. I love the school. I want to return the time when i learn and working in my high school