Friday, February 20, 2015


I know it's already Wednesday, but this past weekend deserves a blog post of its own. We got a 4 day weekend from school because of the presidents and what not, but it wasn't quite as glorious as a 4 day weekend would seem. I did learn a lot about bikes and whatnot though, so it wasn't a total waste. 

Friday I thought I would ride to the DMV to renew my already expired license. I had an appointment for later in the month, but thought I would just show up extra early and get it taken care of now (you know, to avoid driving with an expired license). I spent 5 hours waiting despite showing up an hour before they opened, and by the point I was called I was bonking so hard I was crying and thought I was going to faint. Needless to say I didn't bother to straighten myself out before my new license picture, so I'm expecting an exceptionally bad one! Lesson learned: stick with the appointment. The wait is NEVER worth it at the DMV. 
Sat I got to do a rad little Santa Ana ride with the ShoAir mountain bike team. They were super fun to ride with, but hated my trails, haha. I gashed the sidewall of my super light weight tire on the rockiest part of Joplin, and had to shove a GU wrapper in there. Lesson learned: don't ride race weight tires on Joplin.

On Sunday I gashed the sidewall of ANOTHER race weight tire, and this time I didn't have a GU wrapper to shove in the gaping hole. Lesson learned: Always carry a GU with you just in case you have to patch up a sliced tire! Sandwich baggies don't hold up quite as well!

Plastic baggie did not want to hold the tube in!
I also forgot to wear gloves on Sunday's ride, and proceeded to ride Silverado trails for a few hours. Lesson learned: It is ALWAYS worth going back for your gloves, because the bushes with scratch the crap out of your poor hands!
My poor bloody hand!
Maybe the most important thing I learned this past week though is that motivation is not a constant. You just can't expect to feel motivated to tear the crap out of your legs every day of the year, and it's ok to have a little slump now and then. I had a really hard time getting out the door on Sunday, and Monday it took a lot of effort to get on my bike as well. As much as I love cycling, every once in a while I just want to do something different, paint the house, run, hike, build something, garden. The hard part is that you can't just skip workouts/rides willy nilly when you have lofty ambitions, so I come up with little ways to motivate myself to do the work. On Monday that meant ending the ride at my favorite bakery/favorite muffin in Laguna Beach, with a book and a view of the ocean. Then as time passed, the motivation returned. I did a bit of hard work this week on the bike, and now I'm getting stoked again to do more! Which is a good thing because tomorrow is race day! Harding TT here I come!!

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