Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What? No Aggie Training Camp?!

I think this may have been the first MLK weekend in 6 years that Brendan and I have missed the UC Davis cycling team training camp in Brendan's home town of Bodega Bay (the weekend and place we shared our first kiss and got engaged :). We choose to stay home this year so I could log some more structured training, and to avoid the heinous drive to NorCal. We definitely missed the long rides in beautiful Sonoma county with old team mates and new kids, but it was kinda nice to stay put, and train hard.
This weekend...
He's really tiny looking in this pic, on the left hand side in the field.
I saw a mountain lion in Blackstar canyon after another beautiful winter day riding bikes up and down the hill. He was pretty chill with all the people hiking and biking in Blackstar. I hope he was just passing through, because I ride there A LOT during winter/spring.

We took Brendan to Snooze for the first time. I had a flight of pancakes, half of which Brendan ate :) Pineapple upside down pancake? Who wouldn't love it?! Mascarpone stuffed french toast? Yes please! It was basically dessert, lets be honest. 

We got to hang out with Meryl and Allie. We were supposed to ride bikes, but somehow ended up on the beach instead, and I was ok with that. Como st ride on Sunday morning kinda tore my legs up. It was a nice alternative to riding bikes, then riding more bikes.

Sunday night we had dinner at Brendan's aunt's beautiful house in Rancho Santa Fe, complete with a tour of their awesome neighborhood. I found an empty lot with this 360 degree view of the ocean and San Diego mountains. It was pretty rad. 

And Monday, my coveted day off school, I cleaned the house, pretty much all day. You know you're getting old when cleaning is what you want to do on a day off school :) It was awesome, and our house has never looked so good. 

Now we are back in another work week, but it's almost over! Yee Haw!


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